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A few words with Karen:

K, Denton

What do you do for a living?
My name is Karen Denton and I live in Florence, no, not Italy, a small town in western Ma. I am currently building a business, Green Natured where I am selling my photographs, photo art (graphically transformed photos), as well as custom made greeting cards, mostly online. I am in the process of developing the website. I am also employed with a  tutoring service where I do in house tutoring in English as a second language, and Math, for students grades k-12.

Has your sense of humor ever helped you on the job?
Humor is something I use all the time to keep my students attention and to make learning fun.

Ever used humor in a job search?
I once went into a job interview where a panel of five were seated, and within thirty seconds, had them all laughing. I didn’t get the job, but I got a few laughs.

What’s your best advice for jobseekers?
My best advice for job seekers is Think Positively! Don’t Give Up! and Don’t Be Afraid to try Something New! and yes, Follow Your Dreams!

What do you find funny and not funny about job search?
I find some of the headlines for jobs amusing, like We’ll send you a kit so you can work from home, free with purchase.

Job searching requires patience, mental stamina, a positive attitude, and a whole list of other qualities. It can be difficult, discouraging, and at times bring you to tears, but then you’ve got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, remain hopeful, and laugh about it. Humor and hope will get you through to your next job.


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Emanuela Rocco-Kim

“When I retire, just think, all this will be yours!”

Eric Shannon


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