Kadir Jara – DiversityJobs Scholarship Finalist for April 2012

DiversityJobs.com’s scholarship program for diversity and minority students is proud to announce Kadir Jara as one of the three finalists for its April deadline application. Vote for his essay by clicking the thumbs up button at the bottom of the page, and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.

Kadir Jara’s Essay:

How did you choose your major? What obstacles have you had to overcome and what will it mean to you to graduate with this degree?

When I was five years old, with the glistening morning sunrise and the cacophony of the roosters, we left. We fled Ethiopia when I was a toddler resting on the fragile, wilting frame of my mother. We left our homeland with the sunrise in front of us trailed by a silhouette of our struggle.  The conditions were so hopeless and desperate that my family did not expect I would live through the famine. I was malnourished and slowly dying.

My family received word that my father was sent to prison because of the work he did for the government, and a couple of weeks later he was killed.  The death of my father caused my older brothers to join the war. I have not seen my older brothers since. The rest of my family fled for a better life to Nairobi, Kenya as refugees.While in Kenya, I saw some of the most terrifying tortures that were done to people. I saw people being burned alive right in front of my very eyes. At a young age, I realized that my life was going to be changed forever in many different ways.

My life was nothing more than a desert of dirt that was slowly eroding with the howling of the wind. It was not the hunger that caused suffering, it was the thirst. I licked my lips to keep my mouth moist enough to hydrate my mind, and even so, my mind could only grasp suffering. My mind couldn’t comprehend the time; I saw my entire family gradually and unwillingly fading away. I did not know there was any other life besides a life of suffering.  The sorrow was harrowing. With the cold dawn-dated breeze that froze my memories and tattooed my mind, I look back. Images of my native land now flood my memories: the sleepy village, the echoing in the distant background of sporadic gunshots that then sounded so natural.  Our decision to leave had to be immediate yet furtive, so my other siblings would not know we were abandoning them.   Rather than making me callous to a life of suffering, I have come to appreciate little things like the sight of a smile or the refreshment of water. Being appreciative of what I have is my hope.

Even though I have survived, I remind myself that I still have family members dying from the plight I have escaped.  I lived many years in Kenya before immigrating to America. When I was 15 years old, I moved to Denver, Colorado and I began attending Hinkley High School as a sophomore, without knowing one word of English. After three years, I received my high school diploma and continued attending Community College of Denver; because of financial reasons, I could not afford to attend a big school. Now I am about to receive my Associate Degree and my dream is to continue my education by transferring to University of Colorado at Denver to get my bachelor degree in Business Administration. 

I chose a degree in business because I love to organize, plan, and manage, and I have the ability to maximize my resources to reach a profitable goal.  I speak four different languages – Oromo, Amharic, Kiswahili, English, and also have a basic understanding of Somalia and Spanish, which would be useful in today’s global economy.  I can own my own business and use my leadership skills toward my future. The Business Administration degree provides a broad base education in business that is intended to extend one’s career options. 

I hope I have an opportunity to receive Diversityjobs scholarship to support me with my financial needs. I have been in America for six years. I work part-time and go to school Full-time, and my family receives government support with the rent. English is my fourth language, and I am sure that my background would enrich the diversity of your scholarship. The biggest challenge right now is my financial needs. Having gone through many obstacles in my life, one of the biggest ones was coming to America because this meant that everything was going to change; the culture, the people, the language, and nothing was to ever be the same again. Leaving my friends and loved ones behind was one of the most grueling parts. Yet as scary as it was, I was ecstatic and ready for America, the land of opportunity, where dreams are no longer dreamt, but lived. Since I have been getting government support for my basic needs, it is even difficult to think what I will have to do to pay for college. My mom, a single mom, started to work again just a few months ago to try and get more support for us. But even that is sometimes not enough.

As you might have noticed, I am still struggling a little bit with my grammar in English, but still that is not stopping me from trying to reach my dreams. It is a big challenge, but not bigger than my determination.



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  • I’ve known Kadir for about three years now. When I first saw the finalists for this scholarship, I knew that Kadir deserved to win. He is a exceptional young man who always puts others first. He is well mannered and is always looking for the next opportunity to better himself and the community. I know that he works at the community college helping students like me through our college education. Kadir has lived a life that most of us can’t even imagine on a movie screen. He is strong willed and capable of doing great things for himself, others, and the environment in the future. This scholarship will help him reach and attain his goal to educate himself so he can be a viable resource for society. 

  • I think Kadir deserved to win, I was so happy to hear that he was on finalist .He is smart and good attutide everytime and good looking guy.

  • Kadir is work harding person always looking for new opportunitys, he love to love help other..i hope you will good luck.

  • Thats my brother.. You deserved it and we are so proud of your hard work towards education. Congrats once again

  • I’ve known Mr Kadir Jara for my entire life, one word i would use to describe this gentleman
    would be “Determination”, due to his bright visions he has for his future. kadir is a determined individual who is eager to accomplish anything that he starts without letting anything get on his way, i believe kadir is a great candidate for your scholarship and i think he has all the qualification to receive this scholarship to continue on with his journey to be successful in life.I hope you grant him this scholarship.

  • Kadir is an intelligent young man with a bright future ahead of him and i believe he is  a great candidate for this scholarship. YOU GO BOY, AM PROUD OF YOU!

  • This was an amazing essay and I felt every word. I’ve come to know Kadir for just a semester but he has made a big impact on my life. He is a great guy filled great amount of perserverence and he deserves this scholarship more than anybody.

  • Kadir is one of the very few people in my life who has unshakeable happiness. I’ve never seen Kadir not smile. I’ve seen Kadir upset, still, I have NEVER seen him not smiling. He possesses the gratitude for life that all people should, but unfortunately don’t. It is exactly this type of person who should be awarded selective scholarships because no one could possibly appreciate it more and work as hard for.

  • I know Kadir Jara will be a great candidate for this scholarship! He has been through many obstacles and truly deserves to win to pursue his career in business! 

  • Kadir is my co-worker, he’s a nice guy and fun to be with at work. I’m glad that i knew and met him as my friend and as co-worker. Vote for him!!

  • I been volunteering for many community service to get experience for my future goals, if i receive this scholarship, i will continue my education without worrying about what i have to do to pay for college and after i graduate from college i will give back to the community with more volunteering. Thank you for a great opportunity.

  • Great, positive , determined young man who is a natural leader on the campus. Kadir is very helpful and considerate of others.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand and help others achieve success! Ksdir is very deserving of our scholarship!

  • Kadir is a dedicated student at the community college of Denver.  He is also a student worker for the Recruitment and Student Outreach center and enjoys people, life, school, and music.  I hope you get it Kadir!!!!!

  • I have not known Kadir for very long but I know he deserves this because of his hard work and positive attitude.

  • Kadir is a very intellegent and hard working person. He will be a great candidate for this scholarship. Good luck Kadir!

  • Kadir is hard working person, always talk about his education, i hope you receive it cuz you deserve it.

  • Kadir has been such a helpful and supportive friend, having him work at the school is just an added bonus for if I ever need help! He 100% deserves this because of all of his hard work, dedication, and work ethic that he has put fourth!

  • Kadir is very intelligent guy, always looking for new opportunity to support him self n other, he deserve this scholarship, I hope you win Kadir I love you.

  • I met Kadir six years ago at Hinkley High School, he is one of the most hard working individuals I know. His determined nation and resistance has brought him very far and will continue to do so. Nonetheless he will be a great addition to your diversityjobs scholarship. Onward and upward Kadir keep on pushing. Best of luck!

  • This young man is becoming a strong, accomplished person through his education and community. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kadir in making it this far considering the background of his immigration to America and the obstacles he has faced in doing so. His essay was phenomenally written and I was extremely moved to learn of his personal background. I definitely support and believe that Kadir is worthy of your scholarship award and firmly believe that he will continue to do well in school and strive towards many positive outlets including giving back to the community through his power of personality and determination.

  • Kadir you have come threw dry land and no hope  to land of opportunity all that you have gone threw has made you stronger what a great accomplishment.   
     Were cheering you on great job great job.
    J. F.

  • Kadir is the happiest person I have ever meet. He is an intelligent, respectable, willing to put others infront of himself. He deserves the scholarship more then anybody because of the great accomplishments that he has accomplish in life. He has come a long way and is willing to go further in life to become something in life. Good luck kadir

  • I have known Kadir for 7 years he was like to talk about school now he had this opportunity will achieve it, so he deserve this scholarship. Good luck.

  • Although I have only known kadir for a couple of months, I can see determination and inspiration from him. He’s lived through many challenging obstacles and still manages to have hope for the future and move on with his life. I believe he would make a perfect candidate for this scholarship as he has a very heroic and inspiring story plus the determination that he carries with him ever second of the day. Good luck kadir. I hope you get this

  • I know KAdir want I start working he helping me alot he is nice and smart . Good job/ good luck you deserve it (saya,)

  • Kadir’s story is quite astounding.  I have been a classmate of his and speak to him often at his station in the halls of CCD where he does his work study and yet I never knew the tribulations that he has survived.  I think that is indicative of the kind of person he is, not one to look to his past to mine for sympathy but one who looks to the possibilities he may create for his future.

  • Wow! Kadir your story is truly heart breaking but extremely motivating and joyful. You write incredible and I did cry reading your essay. I hope you win the contest and know you will use bussiness administration to help so many and enrich our society in Denver.

  •  I’m so so proud of you!!! You have came so far and there is definitely nobody more deserving than you. I wish the best of LUCK!!!

  • Hey! Kadir! I want to let you know that you’re amazing person. I never felt any kinds of dissatisfaction from u. I can’t believe that we work together for more then 2 years. I would be more than happy to see u winning. I learned so many things from u.always be safe. I wish u the best.

  • Aeyy, Kadir!
    You!!, yeah You, display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy. I’ve seen you working very hard; and you have inspired me to work hard as well. You’re as perfect as prince. You’ve the enthusiasm that most people don’t! You deserve the best. This scholarship is the perfect reward to you. So, you should definetly WIN!
    Love – Karishma

  • You could prosper in the field Of higher education if you’ll receive this scholarship. Good luck to you!

  • Hey, Kadir!
    I went to community college of Denver last week, and I met Kadir there. I asked him, why are you working down here? He replied, because I love helping people who need my help. I asked him you work hard and harder don’t you? He said, without working hard I won’t be myself. He asked me, what can I helP you with? I told him I lost my wallet and can’t find it back, I had my license, card and green card also. He said ‘hold On’, as I was holding on he called as many people as he could from his telephone. After 30 minute, he said me to go this place. Out there amazingly, that same person handed me my wallet, I was totally amazed by his help. I couldn’t thank him well at that very time but I think this scholarship can!

  • This gentleman is an amazing person, every where you go you hear an amazing things about him, he is hard worker and he deserve this scholarship.. Good luck. 🙂

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