LaToya Samuel – DiversityJobs Scholarship Finalist for August 2012

There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing children gain a love for learning.  The ability to teach young ones and instill values and lessons that will make them fully capable to handle the challenges of the real world is a rewarding accomplishment for any educator.  Educators make a difference by inspiring students and helping them unlock their own dreams to make them a reality.  Teaching will allow me to express my creativity and autonomy each day.  I hope to become one of those dedicated teachers that I reflect on when I was in school.  I have has a few teachers who taught me valuable life lessons that have made me a hard-working person today.

My greatest inspiration for becoming a teacher is my mother.  She has been an educator for more than 30 years, first as an emotional-behavior disorder (EBD) teacher and currently as a Kindergarten Early Intervention Program (EIP) teacher.  I have seen her nurture her students and set higher standards for them than they had for themselves.  Despite normal classroom struggles and complications that emerged, at the end of the each school year my mother noticed their academic and social growth.  She once told me that it was amazing to observe where students began at the onset of the school year compared to how far they advanced towards the end.  That progress brings her fulfillment and keeps her excited and optimistic about the next crop of students she hopes to instill the love of learning.

After graduating high school, I had a hard time getting my life on track.  Although I enrolled in college, I dropped out a year into my program after my relationship with my parents deteriorated.  We had a hard time seeing eye to eye on the direction of my life and ended up in serious emotional and financial distress.  I moved out of their household and six months later, I found myself pregnant and alone.  I reached a point where I wanted to give up and lost all faith in myself.  However, by asking God to give me that strength I needed to push forward, I reconciled with my family and began to make healthy choices.  I was able to secure a paraprofessional position with my mother’s school district and gain a true passion for teaching.  Now, there is nothing more I desire than to graduate with my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Elementary Education.  I have one year left in fulfilling the first part of my goal.

As a future educator, my dream is to instill in my students a love for learning so they will strive to become lifelong learners.  I have a passion for teaching and I love working with students in hopes that they gain a passion for learning.  My goal as a future educator is to offer the best opportunity available to ensure that my students enjoy learning and become productive members of society.

DiversityJobs.com’s scholarship program for diversity and minority students is proud to announce LaToya Samuel as one of the seven finalists for its August 2012 application deadline.  Vote for her essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.



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  • Latoya, It’s not always where you start….it’s where you end up.
    Your essays shows that you are using your brief ‘hiccup’ in life
    to inspire you to move children forward.
    Good for you…..and good for those children you have the opportunity to touch!!

  • Your essay is just a testimony of how you will be a great teacher. The testimony proves you are dedicated, hardworking and forgiving just to name a few attriubutes. This is only the beginning of all the wonderful years you will have as an educator.

  • Great article/essay. It is a testimony of how teachers become GREAT teachers through life experiences. Many of our students come to school with challenges beyond our control. However, they look towards their teachers for comfort, security, and empathy. You will inspire your students to never give up on their dreams and build the courage in them to know they have the strength to overcome any obstacles life throws their way.

  • You are quite deserving of this scholarship. Your passion and dedication to children is outstanding. I hope to hear more great things about you in years to come.

  • I have had the pleasure of working alongside you in the classroom. You are an innovator in the classroom! Your passion for student success shines through. You are well deserving of this honor.

  • Latoya, over the years i’ve seen that you have become a humble, positive, and a loving person. I applaud you for overcoming your obstacles in life. You stick with it, and most of all you didnt quit! Latoya, continue to make your dream a reality, you are almost there! All the best, and may GOD continue to bless you! You will definitely be a model educator:-)

  • This essay was great and you deserve to win this scholarship and I know you are and will be a great educator for many students in the near future.

  • Hey Latoya, this is a great essay and should really open the eyes of the reader, this is the direction we should want our educational standards to go in. I wish all teachers should have this passion and drive for teaching our young people, I was lucky enough to have one teacher that comes to mind when I read this. Teachers like Latoya are special and do not come around often, they do not only teach children though education, but also though their own lives, by being a good role model that kids can look up to. I think you are very deserving of this scholarship, if I could give it to you myself I would. Thank for your future accomplishments as a great teacher.

  • Awesome essay! You are a wonderful teacher and a true leader, great things are going to happen for you because of your kind and caring spirit! This scholarship is only the beginning! You are a “Remarkable” person!

  • I have had the pleasure to witness first hand your love for teaching. You truly have a passion for teaching. Your students, as well as your own childen, are blessed to have you.

  • All you’ve accomplished so far has only prepared you for this next great step! No one deserves this more than you! Congrats in advance…

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