Tosin Ola-Weissmann, studying Nursing and Business Administration, is a DiversityJobs Scholarship Finalist

[W]hen I decided to go to graduate school, I needed a dual-degree that would allow me to teach nursing students and provide a solid healthcare management and business foundation. My graduate degree facilitates my dreams of teaching and developing a new generation of nurses. It’s important for me to give back to the profession that I love.

Throughout the years as a practicing nurse, I realized that healthcare is heavily influenced by the decisions made in the board room. Nurses and patients are affected by these decisions, and we need more nurses on the executive level to steer positive changes. Healthcare can be better and more affordable. A graduate degree in business administration advances my career into nursing leadership, healthcare policy change, decision-making, and healthcare management. 

The first obstacle against my education was being born with sickle cell disease. This is a hereditary condition that causes extreme pain, chronic fatigue, and requires frequent hospitalizations. The triggers of a painful episode can be dehydration, traveling, stress, cold, heat, flying, swimming, periods, infection and anything that alters your body chemistry. An episode can occur any time, lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It often requires hospitalization, pain medicines, and a blood transfusion. As I write this, I am in a pain episode and admitted in the hospital. Even sick and in pain, I stay focused on my education. Having sickle cell will not derail me from succeeding in all my goals, doing well in school, and graduating with honors. 

The financial obstacles of education are heightened with sickle cell disease. I often have to make the difficult decision of paying for my education, living expenses, or medical bills. Even though I have worked full-time as a registered nurse and have health insurance, the high deductibles and co-pays affect my disposable income. Not only am I out from work and not making money, each sickle cell episode often has me worried how I was going to pay my rent, electricity, and tuition. The choice is a difficult one, and this scholarship will remove the need to sacrifice living expenses for education and allow me to focus on doing well in school.

When I graduate, there will be tears in my eyes because of all the obstacles I have faced. The days of being hospitalized, in pain, and studying will all be eclipsed in that moment of success. My life has not been easy with sickle cell disease, and yet, accomplishing my goal of graduation after years of hard work will be a moment of unspeakable joy. I will be able to advance my nursing career, teach nursing students, and influence healthcare management. In addition, I can complete my life long goal of developing a non-profit organization that raises awareness, funds for research, increases visibility, reduces misconceptions, and provides education on sickle cell disease. With your help, I can make all these dreams a reality. Thank you for your time.

DiversityJobs.com’s scholarship program is proud to announce Tosin Ola-Weissmann as one of the finalists for its December 2012 application deadline. Vote for her essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), click the ‘star’ just above comments section below, and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.



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  • Tosin is an inspiration! Indomitable perseverance, courage, dedication. compassionate caring, exceptional efficiency and competence, articulate speaker, kindness, are her hallmark.She is most worthy of the honor and assistance the Diversity Scholarship would bestow on her

    George Weissmann, georgeweis@aol.com

  • You would think a person you meet on a book club board wouldn’t inspire you every day. Tosin does. Her determination, courage and dedication makes me look at my own life. When I think to myself something is bad, I think of her and say to myself, “Wow, Tosin has been through so much, and she has risen, why can’t I?”

  • Tosin is a really determined and ambitious person. I have known her for so many years now and I must say she is very strong despite all that she goes through, the many hospitalizations, she never gives up. This scholarship will really go a long way in fulfilling her dreams and aspirations!!!!

  • she is the sweetest yet has a strong personality. an excellent role model, and a warrior. Though i know her only by Internet so far, i can tell that she is also very educated, hardworking, and good at whatever she does. She deserve to get the scholarship..

  • I can think of none more worth investing money into, in efforts to make this woman’s dreams a reality. Your gift to Tosin will simply bring into our collective world a steady and infallible pace of her benefits to medicine, to our human experience and especially to those who seek healing and are interested in being proactive. In essence, Tosin already brings her vision into the world – please gift her by contributing the security providing her the ability to maintain it so and expand it exponentially. Thank you.


    Dedicated to her profession and beliefs, she is stands in a position to change to world. There is no other I can think of who would better serve such a scholarship as this.

  • While those who enter the nursing profession must demonstrate knowledge, empathy, and consistency, Tosin goes one better on that. She is constantly coaching herself past limitations so you wouldn’t know she had them in the first place. I find her stated motivations exemplary, but more importantly, I find her character inspiring.

      • My love back, along with a heartfelt endorsement! You are an extraordinary woman, fighting chronic pain and fatigue not just for your own personal benefit, but for the improvement of the nursing profession. You are definitely an exceptional achiever, and you would be an ideal candidate for this scholarship. Best of luck, my soon-to-be cousin-in-law!

  • Tosin is THE most deserving of support for her studies. I am hoping everyone sees her amazing potential. She will make a tremendous difference in people’s lives.

  • Tosin’s perspective as a nurse is unique in the fact that she herself has at times experienced the role of having been a patient. She doesn’t just empathize, she truly relates and this is an invaluable standpoint to have. She is an amazingly positive role model and a woman of action who leads by example. I strongly support her every endeavour as she will definitely enrich the lives of and an all who cross her path.

  • Knowing someone like Tosin demonstrates that it really is possible for one person to change the world one step at a time. I’ve known Tosin for a very long time, and I can say her character never changed. She remains sincere, passionate, ambitious, puts 1,000 percent into everything she does, and is truly interested in making a difference in the world. While I’m sure you cannot go wrong with choosing any of the other 8 finalists, the ultimately best decision would be to award Tosin within the scholarship.

  • This is beautiful and Tosin demonstrates a visionary and tenacious outlook to life. I have known Tosin all my life and specifically admire her determination to survive against all odds, zeal to to be empowered and zest for advancement. More passionate about Tosin is the need for change in her profession, as seen in her ‘Sickle Cell Warriors’, the non-profit organization. A generation of change is what the entire universe yarns for and i believe we need people like Tosin to impact this change. I believe in Tosin and see the change coming from her vision.

  • Tosin is a HERO period! She faces life head on despite her physical limitations…she is an inspiration to all her family and friends and for that she gets my nomination. Love you babes…hope you win!!!!

  • Wow! Your story is a reminder to everyone out there not to give up on their dreams despite difficulties faced. God is your strength. All the best.

  • You inspire me so much. I know that you will achieve your goals because you are, and this is not a criticism, SO stubborn. I should use the word tenacious, but I’ll stick with stubborn, because it seems to fit. You’re the embodiment of never, EVER give up! I absolutely love it and I am so freaking amazed by you every day.

  • Indeed you are an exceptionally determined and highly focused young lady. You are indeed tough with no limitations.
    My words of encouragement is that you ‘refuse’ to set a limit for yourselves. Convert all the so called barriers/stumbling blocks to a ladder, step on it and climb up gallantly to success. Even the stars is not your limit, you are heading far beyond that.
    You deserve the scholarship and much more.
    Don’t forget ‘ look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith’.
    You’ve got God’s backing and our support all the way dear.

  • I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. I admire your strength and resilience as well. I have no doubt that you will soar high and that is my prayer for you. Keep up the good work and remember the Lord is your strength. Good Luck!

  • Being the parent of a child with sickle cell, I understand your struggle with juggling life and illness. I am very proud of you and your continual effort to overcome and be “normal”. You could easily have settled for less, but you chose higher. Good for you and continual blessings are coming your way.

  • Words can’t express the ways that you continue to inspire me. My husband and I are grateful every day for the encouragement you provide and the friendship you’ve generously offered. Every milestone in this crazy life is worth celebrating, and you’ve been crossing them off your list and making it look easy despite the difficulties of sickle cell. You are more than deserving of this scholarship, as well as all the love and support this world can give. Best of luck to you!

    • Mika!!! Thank you so much for doing this. You guys are my favorite Warrior couple. I never told you this, but I was going through a funk with the website and when we *met*, it really inspired me to keep posting on the site.

  • I admire your courage Tosin, you have been a source of inspiration to many scd patients. keep up the good work. God bless you.

  • You are an amazing woman who inspires many. Your positive attitude in the most difficult situations makes you one of the most dedicated people I have ever known. I admire everything about you and I wish nothing but the very best for you because you deserve this so much. -Sydney Cahill

  • Tosin, You continue to be an inspiration for the others out there living and thriving with sickle cell. For all you do and how hard you advocate we are forever grateful. Be blessed in all you do and get it girl!

  • I am so proud of you Tosin and feel blessed to have such an inspirational warrior in my life. You are a great role model to your peers and young women out there. You teach us all that regardless of what obstacles are in your way you still have to fight for your dreams and ambitions. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this scholarship. I’m so proud of you!

  • you are a much needed advocate for this cause so I nominate you to be able to get the scholarship to achieve your goals in to bring awareness and understanding to the cause of sickle cell anemia.

  • Tostos! You remain one of my most favorite persons in the whole world. I have watched you grow into an amazing woman of courage and virtue. Your educational abilities are admirable and you are worthy of every assistance possible under the sun! Ride on girl! Rise higher!

  • When you follow your passion, irregardless of having SCA, and makes it a way of life, this is where you blossom! I trust you will succeed. I want to thank you for sharing your stories, for showing us how to stay and remain strong, and for being a role model to us all. The joy of life in your eyes is undeniable and that feels great to see, to know and to realize that, even though we have SCA, it doesn’t stop us from accomplishing and fulfilling our dream. More power to you, girl!
    Maryjoyce F. Keary –

  • As a person with SC, I can attest to the difficulty of maximizing one’s potential while pushing through life’s obstacle course. What you’re able to accomplish is inspiring. God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. Once you complete graduate school, please be aware that I will certainly ask for a loan in the amount of $3 dollars. 🙂

  • Tosin Ola, my great inspiration and constant reminder that dreams are achievable. Thank you Tosin for being my friend. You will go even further in your career because you have what it takes; determination, preserverance, and most important, you are compassionate, kind, positive and passionate. Good luck my friend!

    • Sandra, remember that night shift we worked at WFH that you told me about getting my Bachelor’s degree? You really showed me that working fulltime was no limitation to my educational pursuits. So thank you for relighting the spark in 2007 that made me continue on this educational journey. You’re my nursing heroine!

  • I am so proud of you. Anything that you have put your mind to you have accomplished regardless of what obsticules may have stood in your path. I am so proud to call you my friend. You inspire to do better and be better everyday.

  • Tosin
    You are truly an inspiration to the whole world. The way you set out to accomplish your goals despite the harshest challenges…. To be able to overcome crises and not only get by in all your life endeavors but be so remarkable at everything you do… WOW…. Thank you for being who you are & serving to inspire so many people in this world!!

  • I knew Tosin’s Grandmother, and I’ve known Tosin’s Mother since she was 15 and Tosin since she was born. This remarkable young woman comes from a long line of absolutely astonishinyly strong, reslient, intelligent and self-relient women (and men). Tosin lived with me for a few years and I saw first hand what she goes through with Sickle Cell Disease. I’m quite convinced that if I had scd, I wouldn’t be able to do half of what she does. This disease really does cause chronic fatigue and that, in itself, is a huge hurdle I watched my dear Tosin struggle with. Mind you, she NEVER complains. Tosin is a visionary who was sent into this world to help thousands and thousands of people. She is fulfilling her life’s dreams and it would be the highest honor imaginable to be her sponsor. I hope to read soon that she was selected. Nothing could make me happier.

  • Tosin thanks for all u have done and do to bring awareness on sickle cell. You are a rolemodel to lots of people. Keep up the good work!!!

  • i have learnt so much from the forum on FB. Tanks to Tosins’ dedication to the group so many have been blessed. You deserve this chance, i am praying for you and with you. Blessings

  • You inspire me in so many ways and all i pray for is that God bless us abudantly and may you succeed in your achievements.

  • Tosin’s care for her patients and her attitude toward her profession is the embodiment of the Declaration of Geneva. She has a unique ability to transform the physical and emotional pains she suffers from her illness into both a remarkable inner personal strength as well as a source of strength and inspiration for so many others who would otherwise feel alone, afraid, and often times humiliated in their illness. She has been a particularly important role model and passionate advocate for African American and African immigrant communities, who suffer the highest rates of Sickle Cell and, more broadly, experience much higher rates of discrimination in our medical system. For her strength, courage, compassion and advocacy, and for her overall excellence of care for all of her patients, regardless of race, I cannot think of a more deserving person to receive this award/scholarship.

  • Tosin, this the lady with Sickle Cell but no sickle cell crises from the UK now living back in Ghana, West Africa. I have with such deep and keen interest followed you on facebook and its amazing how you helping the warriors out. I am working on the contacts you gave me and soon our page will start for Ghana. I am preparing to send you the full story about me, just maybe it may help other warriors. You are a tough lady and so never let the down days of not feeling well stop you from achieving this dream because you will obtain the scholarship – you more than deserve it. Love you lots girl.

  • Tosin has an amazing view of life. She always sees the glass half full as opposed to half empty. She doesn’t know it but she has challenged me in changing careers and not settling for mediocre. She deserves to win this scholarship!

  • Tosin is an outstanding mentor and a shining example for all humanity – we must always stay focused despite all that life throws our way, in achieving our goals. She has stayed focused on hers, and touched so many lives in Africa and the U.S., and every encounter I have with her is a blessing – she always helps to put things in perspective for me. And believe me, there is nothing better than having a nurse who knows what pain is to the full definition – her SC has become her tool, for nurturing others as she knows what it is to be in pain. She more than deserves this scholarship. Tosin we love you!!!

      • I didnt do enough sis. You deserve more. Wish you won, because honestly, you deserve it – which other contestant has an ongoing battle with their body all their lives? None. I almost wrote them at the injustice…lol! I miss her all over again…. Love to you schmoosiepoo [newly picked up word, forgive me]!

  • Tosin is an amazing individual. I have never met someone with her vivacious grasp on the world! She consistently sets the bar very high for herself and never allows obstacles to stand before her for long. Tosin Ola you inspire me! You do good work woman and I am honored to know you!

  • I have never met Tosin, just exchanged a couple of emails with her and follow her facebook page where she helps so many of us with sickle cell with great advice and motivation. Tosin inspires me to work harder, to never ever give up despite having a chronic painful illness. Tosin is such a giving soul connecting with so many different people from all over the world and encouraging us all. I hope Tosin gets the scholarships because I’m certain she will make a huge difference in healthcare. I hope I’ll meet you soon Tosin, hopefully at your graduation 🙂

  • Tosin, you’re blessed. I don’t know you and vice-versa, but I know your sister Busayo who is such a lovely person. I’ve read this message like three times. It’s touching but mostly it’s admirable. I wish you all the best. I trust you’ll achieve this awesome dream. Keep up the good work. For to receive is a blessing. But to give is an even bigger blessing. I pray you win this scholarship. God Bless….xoxoxo

  • tosin is a remarkable woman. her personality radiates positive attitude towards the world. she is aware , intelligent and engaging and extremely brave . she can teach us all how to go on living bravely, achieve higher goals without letting her illness paralyze her ambitious and love of life. her concern for others is unique. she gives her fullest .i don’t know anybody that deserves to get this award more then tosin.

  • Tosin aka sickle cell warrior is such an inspiration to us all. Not only has she accomplished those accomplishments she created a space for sickle cell warriors to come together learn and share. Good luck Tosin

    • Hey Lola! Thank you so much for the nomination. Sickle Cell Warriors was inspired and created by the community, I’m just the lucky one that got to put it together. I’m so blessed by having all of you in my life!

  • Tosin is all about love and giving despite the obstacles she mentions in her essay. Her dual degree ambition for graduate school is typically ambitious and expressive of her intelligence and optimism. we will all greatly benefit with her graduation. I can’t imagine a more worthwhile recipient of a scholarship from diversityjobs.com

  • Tosin is all about love and giving despite the obstacles she mentions in her essay. Her dual degree ambition for graduate school is typically ambitious and expressive of her intelligence and optimism. we will all greatly benefit with her graduation. I can’t imagine a more worthwhile recipient of a scholarship from diversityjobs.com

  • I do not know Tosin personally only through a close friend of mine who has known Tosin for years and thinks she is a truly extraordinary human being.

    Reading her statement, I am impressed with her total sense of commitment and passion to the nursing profession; to being the best nurse practitioner one can possibly be as well as a role model and a leader in her profession. The fact that she has been battling sickle cell disease yet is able to forge through such a challenging career as nursing is further evidence of her tremendous inner strength and focus. Tosin also has the rare perspective of being both a nurse and caretaker as well as a patient. Compassion and empathy are rare qualities in high achievers and Tosin clearly has an abundance of both.

    I can not think of a better candidate for this scholarship.

    Dalia C. Nagel

  • Tosin is a beautiful human being with huge potential. She will continue to make a tremendous difference in people’s lives; the scholarship will make her impact even larger. Tosin is simply the most deserving person to win it. All our best wishes to you.

  • Not only is she one of the most driven but Tosin is probably one of the most encouraging people I have ever worked with; she is truly an amazing human being.

  • To say you inspire me is an understatement.
    You radiate determination in spite of your circumstances.
    You are grace, bottled up in beauty.
    You are a unique.
    Love and peace

    • How poetic sister mine.We have such a unique relationship, and I love you. Thank you for always picking up the phone when I call, even if it’s to bother you…lol. And your advice rings true every time. Thank you for all those times when you helped shine a light on my path.

  • Her story is an inspiration to many. She has really taken it upon herself to champion the cause for sickle cell research. I believe that she is very much deserving of this award.

    • Hello little sister. Thank you for always being a bulwark of strength and determination. No obstacle has ever stood to face your stubborn determination. I’m so grateful to call you my sister. I’ve learned so much from you and your strength imbues me with strength.

      • So true, so true. Both of my big sisters are champions, how in the world will I ever catch up with them ooooooo. But then again to each his own, you both have triumphed in different ways.

  • Hi Tosin, your profile is amazing. No one deserves this more! Thank you for being a trailblazer as a person living with sickle cell disease and a healthcare provider.

  • Tosin Ola-Weissmann is hereby recommended for this scholarship. it will help to advance her service to those with the sickle cell disability. Which she has been doing with her sickle cell warrior program. Highly commendable. Keep it up Tosin. we are proud of you.

  • I, among may others, have seen Tosin grow into the wonderful woman and professional she is today. There were times I was there to see her suffering from her sickle cell personally, and was always willing to offer my comfort. She has inspired me in many ways, and I’ve always had high admiration for her as a person and dear friend. With God on Tosin’s side, there is NOTHING she can’t do! She has worked very hard all her life as well in her professional life, and no one deserves this honor, this scholarship, more than Tosin. Her passion for life is refreshing. She has zeal for whatever she does. I have always been proud of Tosin…

  • Tosin is an amazing person both inside and out. She has been through so much adversities, but has always kept her eyes on education and pursuing her dreams. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way or keep her down for long. Although the other applicants are impressive, there is noone else I could recommend for this scholarship.

    • Mom…I LOVE, love, LOVE you so much. I will forever be in your debt. You have taught me everything I know about being a good person, friend, sister, wife, and woman. I always strive to make you proud. Mama mi atata

  • Tosin has positively contributed to our lives by providing support for those with sickle cell anemia and I believe that given the chance, she’ll make a great impact on a much larger scale

  • It’s not often that you meet someone who makes you feel inspired and in awe. Tosin is one of those people. Every interaction I have with her makes me want to recalibrate my life. She has such a sunny personality, and I never knew that she had so many challenges. I humbly recommend her for this award without any reservations.

  • Tosin is such an inspiration! I have sickle cell disease as well so I understand and relate! I graduated from college in May of 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Lately a fear of mine is going back to school and working towards a master’s degree. Today I pray that God gives us both the strength and courage to be our best. Always remember that God created you perfectly and beautifully, He knows about your condition and He is concerned. Also God knows how much strenght you already have, He will never put you through and obstacle that you cannot overcome. God bless you Tosin, continue to be the inspiration that you are!

  • Tosin is such a beautiful spirit. A true inspiration to all of us suffering from Scd. May GOD continue to place his hands on her so she can continue to be a blessing to all.

  • Many people with life-threatening conditions sit back and wonder ‘Why me?’, then there are people like Tosin who embrace their situation and try to make things better for everyone else…

    I’ve know this remarkable young woman for a number of years now and have witnessed publicly and ‘behind-the-scenes’ just how far she’s willing to go to help those in need, all while dealing with the daily challenges and struggles that Sickle Cell bring to her. She’s been working as a nurse, while attending classes, and forming a Sickle Cell support group, the “Sickle Cell Warriors”. On top of that, she’s very active online answering questions for others such as parents of children that have been recently diagnosed with Sickle Cell and need someone to turn to for advice, help and support.

    Tosin’s reputation isn’t just with those in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives, nor is it just in the United States, Tosin and the “Sickle Cell Warriors” have a reputation that spans the globe.

    To give a prime example, a couple of years ago Tosin, her now husband Orion, and a number of family members, traveled to Nigeria to get married in a traditional Nigerian ceremony. You’d think that in the time leading up to her big day, and the time after, she’d spend it on more traditional activities like making sure things were prepared for the wedding. Of course, she did that, but she also took the time out to meet with various Nigerian governmental officials regarding an approved herbal medication that is owned by the Nigerian Government that has been shown to be highly beneficial to prevent the crises that come with having Sickle Cell and was on the market until about three years ago (this is how I met her). The company that was producing it fell into financial difficulties and was taken off the market, prompting thousands of Nigerians (and a number of individuals, including Tosin, outside of Nigeria) to find an alternative medication. She felt the need to get in front of these key people, during her dream trip/wedding. The organization that ‘owns’ the product has re-started production on a limited scale and as soon as they decide they are ready to crank up production, Tosin will be one of the first that gets a phone call, most likely from one of those governmental officials she met with.

    Her passion and commitment to her work as a nurse, to healthcare in general and more specifically, to the global Sickle Cell Community is inspiring, impressive and to a level we all should aspire to duplicate.

    It’s probably a much over used expression, but I feel it’s very appropriate in this situation. In the Sickle Cell Community, Tosin Ola-Weissmann is a “Rock Star” of the highest magnitude.

  • Tosin, I have not known you long but even in the short time I have known you one thing that stands out is you never give up no matter what. You really deserve this scholarship and I hope you get it.

  • Tosin has such a wonderful, genuine spirit. She is selfless and spends much of her time inspiring others and making sure that the voices of those living with Sickle Cell are heard. Tosin can make a huge impact on healthcare with this scholarship and she deserves it!

    Thank you Tosin for providing us with a way to connect with others who understand us the most!

  • Tosin has opened a channel of light into a very dark & painful realm…. She is in essence a ray of hope… Full of love, fearless, a true sickle cell warrior …!!!

  • A rare human being… Poised in the face of pain… Strong in the face of despair… Revolutionizing sickle cell education & making information more accessible then ever…

  • Tosin,you are trully an inspiration. Regardless of your challenges,it has not stop you rather it has made you more determined to overcome them.You are more than desrving of the scholarship,and my prayer is you will. Keep up the good work!!

  • Diversity Jobs, although I have never met Tosin personally, it is through her platform of Sickle Cell Warriors facebook page and WordPress Blog,SCW that I am most grateful at the very nascent moment of my journey with the unknown as mother to a then newborn with a recent SC type Sickle Cell diagnosis that I found a repository of information that was practical and based upon personal experiences. I have exchanged a few e-mails with Tosin and found her written expressions to be comforting and realistic. Her story is remarkable, it is one of personal perseverance and motivation that is encouraging to all that are a witness to her fortitude despite barriers, obstacles, and challenges imposed by her health. Tosin deserves this scholarship to continue the pursuit of her highly purposeful life. Kind regards!

  • Tosin is one of those rare individuals who take the adversity that can break the ordinary person and use it to break barriers and limitations. She is an inspiration to all.

  • Tosin is such an inspiration. Reading her webpage and being a participant on her Facebook page has been very helpful to me. I’m 39 living with Sickle Cell Disease. I find her sites very informative and just wish social media and people like Tosin were around when I was growing up. Best of luck as you pursue higher education and helping even more people!

  • Tosin, you teach me the true meaning of perseverance and giving. Despite the challenges you face, you devote your efforts to the nurturing and betterment of others. May love guide you on your path to healing the universe and yourself. You are a dove. You give us hope.

  • Tosin, you are such an inspiration. Raising a child is difficult, I rely so much on your page for support. Thank you so much for all you do. No one deserves this more.

  • More than anyone I know, Tosin Ola exemplifies steadfast determination. She is a natural leader and an amazing person. She has been through so much in her life, and she keeps rising above to reach her dreams. She should win this award because you would never find another person who would put to better use this scholarship. Her love for helping others and advocating Sickle Cell has made her well known in the Sickle Cell advocacy community. I am proud to say that she is my sister and hope that you will grant her this distinguished opportunity.

  • Tosin, your zest for life and determination to excel is evident to anyone who has ever known you. You are an inspiration to so many. I pray you get this scholarship and all the best that life has to offer. No one deserves it more.

  • Tosin’s story of resilience and tenacity is truly inspiring. She deserves this scholarship to continue to be an inspiration to others, advance her nursing career and contribute to the mobilization of knowledge regarding sickle cell disease.

  • Tosin I’ve never met and only know you through your sister but if it is Gods will for you to get this scholarship, then I truly believe that you will. The scripture says in James 4:2 that we do not have because we do not ask, so pray my sister and The Lord will hear you and answer according to his will!

  • Indeed we need more nurses on the executive level to influence healthcare policies. Last semester I took a political action course and ever since I have become more conscious of the power we nurses have to influence health policies which affects us, our patients and the society at large. We are not powerless to change. You go girl! You are an inspiration to many and with God on your side you will succeed. Much love xoxo

  • You’re an inspiration to me and a lot of people and you show courage by not letting circumstances beyond your control stop you from chasing your dreams. I wish you all the best

  • I know Tosin’s family very well, for over 10 years now, they are not only of the same christian family as I am I can say they are family to me as well as others in my church. All 4 sisters (including Tosin) are incredibly intelligent and wise beyond their years, I know whatever goal Tosin is trying to reach she will not only reach that goal but also surpass it.

  • Tosin, I was much inspired to read of your challenges with sickle cells. I can identify somewhat with your symptoms as my own younger sister suffers with the disease. I’ve lost count of the number of hospital stays and episodes she’s had to endeavour. Like her, you’ve remained passionate, optimistic and focused on a career. Also like her, you’ve not allowed your humble beginnings to stand in the way of success. You’re an inspiration, Tosin! You are more than deserving of this award!

  • Tosin is truly an inspiration, For such a caring driven individual money should not be a barrier to education, Consider the tremendous payback

  • Cpngratulations Tosin! You are hard working and deserve the scholarship as you will contribute to humanity through your career.

  • Tosin has been on an amazing journey and has accomplished so much. Her achievements are remarkable and I wish her the best as she moves forward!

  • Tosin I pray that
    you accomplish all that you have set your mind and heart to do. It is people
    like you who actively seek to accomplish their dreams that make a big
    difference. Please let no one discourage you and let nothing distract you.

  • I don’t know Tosin that well, but from the comments of her friends and family I am impressed. Beauty you are, strength you have, purpose you radiate and so success shall be yours

  • The joy of the lord Is your strength. You really inspire me and the lord will crown all your efforts with success IJN. You have my support Tosin-.

  • Tosin, I wish you all the best as you move forward in the pursuit to achieve your goals! I know that you will definitely make a difference in peoples lives because of the adversity that you have had to deal with all your life. You are already a source of encouragement to many people, both young and old, who know you or have heard your story. Good luck with the scholarship, you have my vote!

  • Tosin God will take you through all of your worries and heal all your sick ness ..Just trust and leave everything in his hands

  • Its amazing to know how determin you are to go through your dream of having a double degree, despite the pain and financial challenges. I admire your courage and determination. God bless you and grant you all you desire.

  • You get my nomination. I will be praying that you win the scholarship, so that you may finish the journey you have already come so far on. May God continue to bless you.

  • Woow that inspired me with all difficulties you still try to better yourself God bless you, and hope you get what you need to succeed

  • I wish you the best Tosin and I hope that you indeed receive this scholarship. Your hard work and commitment to achievement despite the personal obstacles you face is inspiring for me and I know it will be inspiring for others. Because of how hard you have worked to get this far and how hard you will have to continue to work, I know that when you eventually achieve complete your program it will not be an ending, but merely a beginning to all that you will do to change and improve the lives of others. May God bless you in this endeavour.

  • Tosin, I am inspired by you strength and dedication in spite of your disease. Your journey gives voice to those people who are striving for excellence in every aspect of their lives despite the many obstacles they face. The world truly needs more people like you to show that anything is possible! You deserve to win that scholarship!

  • Toslin:
    I read the above article and thought that it was admirable that you have achieved so much even though you are hindered by health issues and financial constraints. Your story is inspirational. Therefore I am behind you all the way and pray that you may be successful in your application for this scholarship.

  • That is a very good idea, go girl and fulfill your dreams. I hope you will get the scholarship and continue with your education. Iam inspired by you.

  • i can imagine no worthier recipient of the diversity jobs scholarship than ms. tosin ola-weissmann.
    ms. ola-weissmann epitomizes the ideal of the nursing profession, with her deep empathy for her patients, so vital to their healing process, as well as her ever widening medical understanding acquired from her ongoing studies. Besides the daily care she shows her patients, tosin dependably brightens the day of all who share it with her. i offer my heartfelt support for Tosin’s nomination for this scholarship. Sincerely, Michael J May

  • You have been such an inspiration to our online community. I am so thankful that you welcome our diverse opinions and point of views, and allow us to be adults with a voice! Best wishes.

  • This is one of my sickle-cell sisters, she is an inspiration and she will reach her goal! Sicklers are over achievers and the more obstacles that are thrown our way, the more we do. We have an inner strength that doesn’t allow our weakness to show face. Tosin, no matter what, you will graduate and you will succeed. I’m rooting for you!!!

  • I do not know Ms. Tosin but I joined the group she created on Facebook to support people with sickle cell disease. I was also born with sickle cell disease and the group has been a great source of information for me. I really admire her for being consistent with posting to the group and responding to the various questions people have. At the time of my writing, the group has 7,260 “likes” showing that her influence goes far and wide. I like the fact that she called the group “Sickle Cell Warrior” because it shows that she does not see herself as the victim of a disease but rather as an overcomer. I pray that she will be successful in getting this scholarship so that she can give a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopless.

  • I am proud of how far you have gone and all you have been able to achieve despite the sickle cell disease. I lost my brother to this disease and quite understand all your pain. It will be my joy to see “the tears in your eyes” as you graduate. I wish you all the best.

  • Thank you for your inspiration and information. You are a blessing and hope that you will succeed in your quest.

  • Tosin our sickle cell warrior deserves this, for all the free health tips she gives to all on sickle cell. As a person living with the disease i share in her pain and joy. I support this.

  • Tosin, you are an amazing young lady that is focused and has remained focused despite the challenges of sickle cell. I admire your courage and your tenacity to succeed and I have no doubt that you will make it . I am Proud of you and I wish you all the best. You have encouraged me. Go girl , you deserve it. Ronke Emmanuel james (née Abidoye)

  • Tosin, ,like myself is a SC Warrior! We are both examples of how you can earn both your undergraduate and Grade degrees, while battling our illness. She deserves to get rewarded this scholarship money.

  • when my husband was in the hospital last year with the worst sickle cell crisis of his life, I found her page sickle cell warrior on facebook. The educaton that she promotes within the community really me during that difficult time.

  • I understand the hardships having to deal with myself… Stray strong and focused. Good luck, you are a prime example that you may have sickle cell but it doesn’t have you. You will stay in the prayers if me and others in the SC community.

  • It’s stories like these that help me see how insignificant my issues are. You are an inspiration & I hope my small contribution affords you the blessing of being selected. Make a change!

  • Tosin, i join other to say this prayer that i know the good Lord will grant u ur hearts desires and long life to experience the joy of being alive!!!!!!!! keep up the good work you are doing to help lift up a soul today. u deserve very much this grants in order to bring hopes back to the dying soul. do not relent in doing the work that your Father has commissioned you to do. Ride on Angel!!

  • Tosin, although I don’t know you personally, it is obvious that you are a dedicated
    leader with an indomitable spirit. I wish you the very best both in your personal and professional life. God bless you and your family and continue to provide you with strength, guidance and discernment in all that you undertake.

  • This is one of my sickle-cell sisters, she is an inspiration and she will reach her goal! Sicklers are over achievers and the more obstacles that are thrown our way, the more we do. We have an inner strength that doesn’t allow our weakness to show face. Tosin, no matter what, you will graduate and you will succeed. I’m rooting for you!!!

  • I don’t think words can express the impact you have had on my life. Your determination in spite of adversity and your ability to help those who also need encouragement set the bar high. Personally I wish I had a million dollars to give you so that you won’t have to worry so much about your sick days or how to pay your insurance co pay each month, but I don’t and sooooooooooooooo I guess I’m hoping this comment helps you get the scholarship and bring you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.
    Stay true and focus Tos Tosssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Sickle cell disease has been neglected by health care practitioners in North America because of the low incidence rate and this is sad. I’ve watched nurses call my sister a drug addict, a schiozopherenic all because they did not understand the disase. I wish my sister had a nurse like you taking care of her during that trying time. The fact that you are living with the disease, succeeding and trying to impact the next generation of nurses says a lot about your character. I have heard people mention your support group Sickle Cell Warriors, I will recommend it to my sister so that she can follow and join the group.

    I cant think of a better recipient but even if they don’t give you the scholarship, you are a champion in my book.

    Stay beautiful

  • You more than deserve the scholarship Tosin. By the special grace of God it shall be yours. Good luck and remain blessed.

  • Tosin, Is a true role model, and inspiration to young women who see obstacles instead of the opportunites that exist for everyone who aspires to achieve their goals despite life’s challenges. While so many young persons are prone to “spew” a lot of hyperbole to gain attention, Tosin is obviously channelling her energies at great personal cost to make a positive impact to society. “Way to go” Tosin! Gods blessings!

  • Tosin, we are rooting for you! As everyone said below, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for your tireless efforts in raising awareness about SCD. May you achieve much more success in all that you do.

  • While so many young people are not motivated enough to even pursue a higher education, it is great to see someone such as Tosin excel despite the obstacles. She is truly an inspiration.

  • Tosin you are an inspiration to not only to people who have sickle cells but also those without. Even in your toughest moments you keep moving forward. You are very deserving of this scholarship. All the best!

  • Very proud to see you and all of your effort in the sickle cell worldwide community. Keep doing what u are doing because you are having a great impact on the sickle cell message. May God continue to bless your efforts.

  • Tosin is one of the most passionate and caring person and nurse that I have ever met. She has made an amazing impression on me from the first moment I met her. From her amazing nursing skills and thorough patient education and instructions, to her positive and encouraging attitude no matter what she’s going through or her infectious personality and smile- I cannot think of any other person who deserves this scholarship more. She pushes through her pain and sickness at work, always putting a smile on her face and bringing peace and laughter to her patients. She continues to amaze me how she can go to school, work full-time and persevere with sickle cell. She is truly an inspiring testimony to us all!!

  • @lamontef I don’t think it’s as straight forward when some people say ‘why me’ as every person going through an illness reacts different and have you ever thought they might be depressed? Obviously patients not depressed like Tosin will be able to do lots of things but that’s not to say people who say ‘why me’ won’t be able to help themselves and others. I’m sure Tosin will come across patients who all take illnesses in a different way. It’s a process people go through with life threatening illnesses dealing with lots of emotions and what’s right for one person may not be right for the next person to cope with.

  • Well written essay Tosin! I have been friends with Tosin since1998 and she remains a huge inspiration to me. Most striking to me is how much she strives to leave positive marks on people and issues that she encounters. She is hardworking, determined, strong, intelligent and charismatic. I have watched her pursue her various interests with passion, never allowing her health condition to prevent her from reaching her goals. She truly deserves this scholarship and I am very happy to recommend her.

  • Tosin your life is an inspiration and will continue to be an inspiration to many who face adversity, wishing you God’s mercies.

  • This young Lady comes from a loving, sharing, spiritual and hard working family she has been bread to do well….

  • Judging from my dear Sister in Christ,Sister Kemi OLa,if sister Tosin is anything like her sister Kemi,

    and of that I have no doubt,the Loving,Living Christ has found an ever ready place in her heart and life.As a result of this, there can be no failure; what she touches will thrive,those around her will grow and will be blessed through her kindness and love.The very environment she is in would

    light up and brighten everybody around her.

    Like Sister Kemi,Sister Tosin would be a natural leader and bringer of new visions.

    I can see a natural intelligence just like her sister and an ability to work hard and achieve very good results.

    I know very well, that given the opportunity of this scholarship,she would justify every bit of it.

    My prayers be with you,my sister,for your health.My great doctor, is above.

    God speed and good luck.

    Sister Tosin would love to have this scholarship.Thank you.

    I opened this email at exactly 12 midnight on January 30th.I pray and hope that it may still be


  • Here is someone who has passion for her chosen profession. She has got the zeal and will to succeed. She will be a great asset to the Nursing administration and the world as a whole. I think she ought to be given a chance to make a mark. God bless you Tosin and it shall be well with you always.

  • You’ve got my vote Tosin and you absolutely deserve this! Wishing you the very best and continue to inspire us all.

  • Nurses are the front line of the health care profession and the first healthcare professionals that people deal with when trying to get well. Your journey, your outlook, your commitment and your message will go a long way toward changing the attitudes of the healthcare industry as well as the healing of the people reliant on the healthcare industry. I’m holding you in the Light with intent for your good health and your continued passion in your calling.

  • As a carrier and a nurse myself, I struggle with letting people realize that my choice to not date another carrier was as a result of my understanding of the disease process and its effect on family and their emotional well being altogether. I live in Canada, and I rarely hear about sickle cell disease. I think people need to know, they need to be enlightened that ignorance could be dangerous and cause our already fatigued healthcare budget to skyrocket. That’s why people like Tosin must have all the support they need to win this war, or, at least, pacify it. Help her voice be heard! Wish you luck Tosin!

  • Inspiring lives in may ways than one, Tosin. U deserve the very best to cater to your daily needs by all standards. Keep the light burning!

  • This is so touching and inspiring, i really share in your grief, yet amazed at your determination to pursue your dream in life. You are a role model to people leaving with life threatening disease and therefore deserve all the necessary support and encouragement that would see you achieve these set goals and target. My heart goes out to you and all other people living under same condition, I pray the Lord Almighty brings you ease and succor as you fulfill your heart desires.

  • I have heard and seen people living with sickle cell anaemia,
    but have never heard of this touching story. It sad that someone living with
    this sickness still have the zeal to progress with her life chosen career but have
    to struggle to achieve this. This will be double tragedies if she cannot
    achieve her life ambition and still live in pains. Tosin don’t give up. I pray
    that you determination will see you through and will heal you of all your pains.

  • There isn’t a more deserving candidate for this scholarship. I’ve seen your journey with Sickle Cell over the years and I applaud your perseverance. Thats what we need in the field of nursing. Your experiences will make you a great educator.

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