DiversityJobs Announces Scholarship Award Winner

We are proud to announce that Yasaman Moarrab, a graduate student in Occupational Therapy at Towson University, has won our most recent DiversityJobs Scholarship award.

Yasaman’s essay was inspirational and beautifully written.  Her first job was as a provider for children with special needs, where she worked with a boy who had moderate motor impairments as a result of a developmental disability.  She describes the experience: “He was unable to perform many physical tasks, although he responded positively to non-traditional approaches to basic life skills….Much of our day was spent practicing things that might seem second nature to most; things like how to button his own shirts, how to dress himself independently, and how to soothe himself when he was upset.”  Inspired by this experience, she enrolled in a graduate program in Occupation Therapy to prepare herself for a career to help “individuals with disabilities improve their daily functioning”. 

Yasaman’s intelligence, selflessness, and obvious drive will no doubt allow her success in her chosen career as an Occupational Therapist.

The five finalists – Maria Crandall, Yasaman Moarrab, Gabrielle Soria, Morgan Wilson and Alvin Zhou – were selected from thousands of other applicants for their dedication to learning, desire to make a positive impact on the world, and how their incredible stories have helped mold their future career paths.  Choosing one winner was an incredibly difficult decision considering the exceptional student applicants and quality of their essays.

We want to thank our site visitors and all who voted to help us select a winner.   The support shown through positive comments left for these students affirms both their career paths and the wonderful impact they already have on the lives of others.  

To apply for the next DiversityJobs Scholarship, visit the scholarship page and check if your school has registered for the program.


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