Inspired by her adoptive parents, nursing student is driven to care for others

Amanda McDonald DJ[T]here is a Chinese proverb that states, “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances”. My biological parents abandoned me at a hospital because I had a chest cold–and possibly, as I was born in China, because I was a girl. From that moment on, my life drastically changed direction, and so far, it has been a marvelous journey.

I am extremely grateful for the path my life has taken, and it is my dream to give others the love and care that my adoptive parents have provided me. Because I’ve been fortunate to grow up with my needs attended to and have not faced any adverse conflicts that would’ve prevented me from becoming a nurse, I feel an obligation to help others. Life often causes people to face unexpected situations that can inflict pain and heartache; as a future nurse, I hope to offer compassion to my patients.

I want to be the kind of nurse who can hear what my patients are saying, even when they are unable to express themselves well. Just as important, I want my patients to be able to count on me to provide accuracy and professionalism. With the increased responsibility that nurses across the country are being entrusted with, I feel like I can make a greater impact than ever before. By the time I graduate with my BSN, I hope that I have been challenged academically and mentally while still being given career-based and extra-curricular opportunities. I hope to become the best possible nurse I can through my upcoming rigorous courses and clinical rotations, and I desire to immerse myself in knowledge that spans from nursing-related material to humanities classes as well.

Once I receive my BSN, I plan on taking full advantage of all the career options that are presented to nurses. Graduating with a college degree will be a paramount moment in my life because the diploma will represent that all my hard work has really paid off. I desire to become a surgical nurse who works in the operating room. I enjoy the faster pace in the operating room because I feel like I can make a direct, immediate, and positive impact on patients’ lives. I had the opportunity to scrub in on a sinus surgery at my local hospital, and it was amazing to see how the surgeon and the nurses interacted with each other. They were calm and talkative, yet focused. I consider myself to be very focused and goal-oriented, so I believe I would thrive in this type of environment. After I gain a few years of experience, I hope to receive a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia in order to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). This occupation requires immense responsibility, but I have always been accountable for my actions.

I feel that my past is having a direct impact on my future. My “red thread” is leading me back to working in a hospital, this time helping others instead of being the three-month-old baby who needed help.  No matter what type of nurse I become, my goal as a nurse is to give back to others who are in need of help; I’d like to make a positive impact on my patients’ lives. I already consider myself to be trustworthy, reliable, and caring, but I feel that my college experience—academic and social—will only amplify these characteristics. It would be an honor for me to receive your scholarship because, like the Diversity Jobs Scholarship, I would love to make a greater difference in people’s lives so they can achieve their dreams.

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  • As Amanda’s roommate this past year (our freshman year of college) I would have to say that she is one of the most hard working and dedicated people I have encountered and had the honor to get to know this past year. Her dedication to not only be the best nursing student, but to also be the best person she can be is phenomenal and something that i believe everyone should aspire to have. If Amanda were to receive this scholarship, it would not only benefit Amanda, but it will also benefit her peers, future patients, and future coworkers in that she will share her knowledge and skills that this scholarship will allow her to achieve and expand on in college.

  • I met Amanda through a mutual friend and before even meeting her in person, I came to realize that she was a very dedicated and hard working person. Once I learned she was a nursing student, it didn’t come as a surprise to me considering her friendly personality. I know Amanda is a very humble person if she were to receive this scholarship, she would not take this opportunity for granted but instead, she would embrace it and work even harder. Amanda is the future of healthcare that this country needs. A joyful person like her can bring a smile patients, one of the most important things a patient needs at the hospital.

  • Amanda is the perfect candidate for this scholarship! I knew her when she was in high school, first as a member of NHS and then as a student in my class. While in NHS, she came up with an idea, approached me about it, and followed through with coordinating it – it was a HUGE success. Her idea: coordinate an Adoption Supply Drive. This was when I learned her history, and I was not only touched, but inspired by her desire to give back to others. She coordinated a school-wide drive to collect supplies for newborns and infants (diapers, wipes, lotions, clothes, pacifiers, etc.); when the drive was over, we had thousands of items. Half of the items were donated to a local charity for struggling mothers, and the other half were sent . . . TO CHINA!!! With the help of her parents (who were even more touched by her idea for this project when I shared it with them), she contacted the agency that had coordinated her adoption, and the supplies were sent to the very same orphanage that she was adopted from. It was a beautiful gesture from a beautiful young lady that appreciates what she has and acts upon giving back to others, near and far.

  • I am one of Amanda’s older cousins and I can honestly say it has been a joy to watch her grow up over the years. I always enjoy talking with her about school, extra curricular activities, books, etc. She has always been a mature, level headed girl and I am proud that her career path has taken her through nursing school. Nurses are special people that require special traits such as compassion and the ability to think quickly. Amanda has these traits and so many more, her future patients will be in good hands.

    We are so lucky Amanda is a part of our family and it makes me happy to see that she plans to do such wonderful things with her life. Some people let difficult beginnings or situations define them, but not Amanda. She was born to do great things with her life and proves this day in and day out.

  • I am one of the mothers from the adoption group of 10 girls who were adopted from China when Amanda was adopted. I have been very blessed to have seen Amanda grow up from that little baby to the caring young lady she is today! I have only known her to put all of herself into whatever it is she is doing. She excelled at all of her classes, swim meets, orchestra, etc. while in high school. She also has been a great friend to her Chinese sisters (those 9 other girls) especially when they needed to talk with one another about adoption issues, and to just talk about what it is to be a teenager today. She has chosen to become a part of a very noble profession (my mother and oldest sister are both nurses). Her empathy for her patients will take her into their trust so that she can help to bring them back to good health. I know she will only continue to grow in all of the knowledge she learns while she is in college through her additional years working to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. She is very deserving of the Diversity Jobs Scholarship. She is a young lady I am quite proud to call my niece!

  • I consider Amanda to be one of my closest friends in college. Amanda is always talking about her future nursing career, and anyone can see how passionate she is for not only her future, but also the future of others. Amanda is constantly striving to not only be a better student, but also a better person overall. She is an incredible candidate for this scholarship, and I feel that she is very deserving of such an honor. From this scholarship, I feel that Amanda would have the opportunity to further pursue her dreams in helping others and making the world a better place.

  • As a fellow nursing student, I can attest to Amanda’s hard work and dedication to her studies. She strives to be the best in every aspect of her life. I found Amanda’s story to be very heartwarming and inspirational. As she shares her story, she demonstrates the importance of focusing on the positive aspect of a situation. Receiving this scholarship would not only benefit Amanda but also her future patients as she will make an outstanding contribution to the healthcare system.

  • Getting to know Amanda this past year as we both experienced our freshman year in college was such an honor. As someone who is undecided in choosing a major, seeing her passion and drive to be a nurse have inspired me to make a career choice in not only a field that I love, but also a field that inspires me, just as she has. Amanda is one of the kindest and most humble people I know and if she were to receive this scholarship it would not only benefit her, but also benefit the hundreds of future patients that she will serve in the days to come. Her dedication, kind heartedness, and thirst for knowledge can only serve her well in her future, especially as a nurse, and receiving this scholarship will benefit her so much along that path.

  • Amanda is my daughter and only child. My husband and I were so blessed the day that she came into our lives. We chose the name “Amanda”, as it means “much loved”. And that she is.

    As her mom, I can’t tell you how much it means to read this essay and see that my daughter not only appreciates what her life is now, but how her circumstances have had such a positive impact on the woman that she is becoming, and the woman that she envisions herself to be.

    Amanda has always been an excellent student, but not all her subjects were easy for her. When her natural abilities were not quite enough, that’s when her determination took over. I’ll never forget the first time I saw this particular trait of hers in action. Amanda always loved to make crafts when she was small. One day, when she was about 4 or 5 years old, she had some bright blue, long, heavyweight paper, and she decided that she wanted to make a “garbage can” for her room. I remember telling her that it would be pretty
    hard to get the sides and bottom attached right, and that I wouldn’t have much time that afternoon to help her. I thought she would try it, get frustrated, and move on to something else. Boy, was I wrong. She spent a good part of the afternoon with that blue paper, her little scissors, and a roll of tape. And when she was done, she had an upright,square (although, charmingly, just a little crooked) “garbage can”, with the
    bottom firmly attached to the sides. I was dumbfounded, but oh, so proud of her for sticking with it, and
    accomplishing her goal. (Amanda used that “garbage can” for many months, and I used it under my desk for many more months, before it finally became too worn out to keep. It broke my heart to get rid of it!)

    This is the intelligence, determination, and tenacity that Amanda is bringing to the nursing profession. Her dad and I can’t wait to see where life takes her, but we are very confident that she will achieve whatever she sets out to do.

    We are so, so grateful that Amanda’s red thread connected her to us.

  • I have had the pleasure of becoming a very close friend to
    Amanda her first year in college. My first impression of her was that she was
    determined; knew what she wanted in life and was going to work hard to get
    there. This first impression I got from Amanda only scratched the surface to
    who she is as a person. She is compassionate, selfless, honest, genuine, and
    loyal. All these qualities I have found to love about Amanda are also the
    qualities I know will make her a great nurse. But, had she not been fortunate
    enough to have been adopted by her parents, she might not have been able to become
    the person that is my wonderful friend; the person that is dedicated to her
    family, friends, and her schoolwork. I can honestly say I cannot think of a
    person who deserves this scholarship more than Amanda. Her past made her who
    she is today but this scholarship can help aid Amanda in her future of becoming
    the wonderful and impactful nurse I know she will be!

  • I’ve been friends with Amanda since fifth grade, and I can honestly say she’s the most determined person I’ve ever met. We had countless classes together between elementary school and high school, and she excelled in every one. Amanda has always been the type of person who does everything in her power to achieve a goal. This scholarship would allow Amanda to achieve one of her greatest dreams in life, and she deserves that more than anyone I know. Her resilience throughout her life is an inspiration to all, and this scholarship would be the perfect reward for her. Her compassion will propel her to be an incredibly amazing nurse, one who will surely make a positive impact on every life she touches.

  • As a neighbor and a friend, I have known Amanda since she was a little girl. I have been fortunate enough to watch this curious, thoughtful little girl grow into a smart, compassionate, caring young woman. I have witnessed her kindness and compassion first hand. When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005 and we learned that she needed a bone marrow transplant, Amanda, at the young age of 10, helped organize fundraising efforts and wristband sales to raise money for the mounting medical costs. In addition, Amanda was always willing to help out with babysitting or anything else we needed. We are so very proud of the young woman Amanda has become and honored to share even a little bit in her life’s journey. She is an excellent and most deserving candidate for this scholarship. She is a smart young woman with a terrific work ethic and a genuine desire to help others. Amanda will make a wonderful nurse as her “red thread” continues to touch and make a difference in the lives of all who know her.

  • The comments left here by friends and family truly speak to Amanda’s character. Her dedication, hard work, and compassion shine through in the way she lives. That is clearly evidenced and reaffirmed by the glowing recommendations she has already received by the others who have already left their thoughts on the truly remarkable young lady that is Amanda McDonald.

    Amanda is a rare, wonderful combination of good-natured, determined, straightforward, and caring. Growing up as an anomaly in a very cut and dry town has not made her bitter or ashamed of who she is. Amanda demonstrates what it is like to face adversity everyday. She takes it in stride and just laughs along with it.

    She is by far the most disciplined student I’ve ever encountered. Her determination to achieve her goals, both in school and in her passions beyond the classroom, is inspiring. Her determination makes me want to try harder to achieve my best.

    Amanda’s to the point way of being will make her an excellent nurse. I truly admire that she has the ability to see things for what they are. It allows her to stay level-headed and find the logic in any situation. This trait has been invaluable in our friendship and will definitely benefit her ability to be an incredible nurse.

    An ability to care is necessary for anyone looking to help others. Amanda’s desire to help care for people and get them well again is something that sets her apart. She has an instinct of how best to care for and about others that will aide her as a nurse.

    I am so proud of Amanda and blessed beyond a doubt to say that she is one of my best friends. She deserves this scholarship because I know that she will make a difference. In aiding her by helping cover a part of her schooling, a difference will made in the lives of every person that Amanda will help as a nurse in the future. She is a wonderful person with a brilliant future ahead of her. An investent in that future will help to ensure she gets where she needs to be.

  • I am Amanda’s aunt and I am very proud of all her accomplishments. Amanda is a unique individual who is intelligent, determined, compassionate and caring. I admire her dedication to her education and this nomination for this scholarship is well deserved. When we have conversations about school you can see the passion she has for nursing, that her patients and peers will also benefit. I believe Amanda will be an amazing nurse in a demanding profession.

  • I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing Amanda for five years. Within her essay she describes the manner in which she will treat her patients and an obligation to help others. While she may not have her own patients yet, the details she uses in the future tense are ones that she already possesses: compassion, the ability to listen intently, trustworthiness, accuracy and professionalism. These are characteristics that she exemplifies on a daily basis.

    Amanda, without a doubt, demonstrates the qualities any patient would want in a nurse, not only for themselves, but even more so for their loved ones. The ability to provide comfort and educated, experienced
    support is unparalleled when others are in crisis.

    Furthermore, the level of internal motivation that Amanda has is rare. Amanda has demonstrated through her education and extra-curricular experiences thus far that she will not only accept and achieve any challenge she is faced with, but that she seeks out those challenges in order to improve, grow and learn on her own. She will be successful in an extremely demanding profession.

    For the assurance that countless people will be comforted and professionally supported in their time of need, devote your DiversityJobs Scholarship to Amanda McDonald.

  • I have known Amanda her entire life and couldn’t think of a bad thing to say about her if I tried. Some kids have the smarts, some have the want. Amanda has both. She chooses a goal and goes for it. She is self-motivated and does not rely on the people around her to do things for her. Having said that, she is a truly loving individual who would go to no end to help her friends and family.
    If chosen for this scholarship, the money will ubdoubtably go to a woman who is truly going to improve the lives of the people around her.

  • I have known Amanda since she became friends with my daughter in 5th grade. She has always been a kind, considerate and a very polite young lady. I always thought she would be wonderful at being a Nurse. She makes you feel comfortable around her. I am truly proud to know her and she is an inspiration to everyone she comes into contact with.

  • Amanda is a wonderful, beautiful, responsible and warmhearted young lady.

    She is wonderful because she has brought such joy not only to her parents, but her extended family.
    (We were privileged to adopt with the McDonald Family.)

    She is beautiful inside and out. She is very compassionate, considerate and helpful with a yearning to make the world a greater place.

    At a young age she was very responsible with her jobs. She would work hard and save for whatever her intentions would be.

    She is warmhearted and humble. It wasn’t until today that I have read of her Adoptive Supply Drive, or of her friend’s leukemia’s fundraising efforts. These are examples of Amanda. Always concerned for others.

    Yes, Amanda is one individual whose life she touches will be memorable, because in her gentle way she is extraordinary!

    Love to Amanda – she radiates love to the world! She is a jewel!

  • It is a pleasure to add my support for Amanda McDonald’s selection as a scholarship recipient. As her aunt, I have watched her grow up from infant to beautiful young woman. With pride, I have watched her perform in concerts and swim meets while continuing to apply herself diligently to her studies. Throughout her journey, I have been continually impressed by Amanda’s maturity, ambition and determination. Her intelligence, dedication, poise and quiet confidence will be assets in her nursing career – aiding both her patients and fellow medical professionals. Amanda has made her mark on the hearts of her family and many friends. Now we’re proud and excited to watch as she makes her mark on the world

  • I recently had the pleasure of meeting Amanda in our first year of college this past fall. Her essay is such a wonderful representation of her hardworking and lovable personality that I have had the honor of spending many late-night study sessions with. She is determined, invested, and most certainly deserving of this scholarship. No doubt it will help her make her dreams come true and she will continue to pay every fortune that she has been offered forward by helping those in need for the rest of her career, as that is what she is truly passionate about.

  • I have known Amanda since first grade and believe she should win this scholarship. Through our thirteen years of friendship I have seen Amanda’s compassion and reliability. She has always put forth the best effort to help family and friends. I consider her my best friend for this reason. She has always been a loyal and trustworthy friend. This is why I know her positive and compassionate attitude will translate into her nursing career. She has always aspired to be a nurse. She strIves to help others and give them the proper care they deserve. This is why Amanda is the perfect candidate for this scholarship. She will always put patients needs first and treat them with compassion.

  • Amanda is really awesome! It makes me happy hearing that all this opportunity has come her way! This world needs more people with the compassion she possesses. She will make a fantastic nurse! Along with being compassionate and caring she is also one of the smartest people I have ever met! She deserves this scholarship very much for working so hard and being so good to people!

  • It is with a smile that I leave this comment. I am happy that this young person truly wants to help her patients. I have had medical problems and encountered many medical professionals in my life. It makes a difference in how you are taken care of in your treatment and recovery. Thank you!

  • It is my great pleasure that I add my thoughts and support to Amanda in this new endeavor of her life. Amanda’s Mom and I have known each other for over 30 years. Ever since I heard that Amanda was in her life, I said, what a lucky little girl she will be. She has certainly shown her appreciation in many ways. But, the years have also shown me that the same can be said for her parents.
    Amanda has demonstrated a tremendous determination in her pursues and along the way became a responsible, hard working, considerate young woman with a fun loving personality. Since she was very young, she knew her life contribution would be in the medical field and her selection to become a Surgical Nurse shows once again her level of determination.
    Amanda will be a true representative of this Scholarship to say the least and a true asset to the institution that in the future will benefit with her knowledge and presence.

  • I am also a nurse and I feel that Amanda would make a great contribution to our field. She is a wonderful person and is going into nursing for the right reasons. I have felt that people have been going into nursing because it is a “guaranteed” job. and while the field usually has openings nursing is truly a calling not just a job. Amanda has displayed the real reason someone should become a nurse to give back to others. She is the perfect person to be awarded this scholarship— a person who truly wants to help others!

  • I truly believe that Amanda has what it takes to be an excellent nurse. I am an RN and think she would be a great asset to my profession. I hope she is awarded this scholarship opportunity. She is a great young woman.

  • I have been friends with Amanda since elementary school, and I could not be happier to have had such a good friend for so long. She is fun and enjoyable to be around, but mostly she has lived her life always striving to reach her goals and looking forward to the future. She truly is the embodiment of dedication and hard work.
    Amanda is a fantastic candidate for this scholarship. The path towards becoming a nurse is difficult but well worth it, and I know Amanda will do everything she can to achieve her dream. She will be a terrific nurse: confident, knowledgable, and caring. She is exceptionally deserving of the DiversityJobs Scholarship. This scholarship will help her become an amazing nurse who will one day save hundreds of people’s lives.

  • I am Amanda’s uncle, and she most certainly deserves to be the recipient of this scholarship. I’ve always been impressed with her determination to succeed, no matter the situation. I have first handedly seen that her innate drive brings about success in all her endeavors, which will thus prove her to be passionate about her patients’ well-being as a future nurse.

  • We have known Amanda since
    the day she was adopted, as we were one of the 10 families who adopted our
    daughters at the same time. We are so
    happy to hear Amanda is one of the finalists for this prestigious scholarship. Ever since Amanda was young, she struck us as
    being very thoughtful, compassionate, kind, respectful, hard-working, and
    modest. She has clearly continued to demonstrate
    these traits, developing into the accomplished person she is today. We have no doubt she will become an excellent
    nurse, and her future patients will be fortunate to be in her care. We strongly believe Amanda is deserving of
    the DiversityJobs Scholarship and hope you can help her financially as she
    strives toward her worthy goal.

  • We too are a family that adopted our daughter on the same wonderful trip to China with the McDonalds. We have watched Amanda grow up over the years and have enjoyed every minute. As she got older, we would marvel at how fine tuned her evaluative skills became and how she used them in her decision making. This ability will server her well in a nursing career. Patients will be in good hands with Amanda, and those she reports to will be quick to give her responsibility and trust her. Amanda has always been mature beyond her years, goal oriented and her actions have been well thought out. Her essay conveys how diversity has affected her life…and that the ‘directional change’ ultimately resulted in a young lady progressing forward through life with a positive attitude. Amanda is certainly deserving of this scholarship and we whole heartedly recommend her! Lynne and Mark

  • As Amanda’s high school teacher in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition and her former swim coach, I can think of no better candidate for this scholarship. Amanda is a conscientious student who, during her time as a high school athlete, served as a role model for younger swimmers to emulate. Through her action and example, Amanda demonstrated to her younger teammates the kind of quiet diligence, unflagging dedication, and unremitting hard work that begets success. Her interaction with students and teammates of all stripes was uplifting and encouraging, driven only by a desire the desire to make each of their experiences as positive as possible. In reading her words here, I see the same selflessness in her desire to pursue a career in nursing. Amanda knows the difference that one person can make in the lives of others, and she has found a career that will allow her to do just that on a daily basis.

  • Amanda will make a wonderful nurse that will have a patient-first philosophy, ensuring that each of her wards will have the greatest and most sincere care possible. As an educator I can only wish that I had more students who were like Amanda and had such clear and determined dreams to which they may aspire. I can not further recommend that Amanda receive this scholarship.

  • I have watched Amanda grow up to become a well-rounded and poised young woman. I know that her dad, my cousin, her mom and the rest of our family are very proud of her. I believe that she will be a wonderful nurse. She is hard-working, dedicated, kind and patient. These are the qualities that make someone a great nurse. I can not think of anyone more deserving of this scholarship than Amanda!

  • Amanda is my niece and I also have the honor of being her godfather. I could not imagine a better candidate for this honor. She is one of the most caring, honest, compassionate, committed and kind individuls that I have ever met. She will make a most outstanding nurse, ensuring that all under her care wiill receive best care possible. Amanda will be an outstading addition to the nursing profession.

  • Amanda and I bonded the moment we set eyes on each other. As her aunt and godmother, I have had the honor, privilege and joy of watching her grow up. Amanda is one of the most intelligent, determined, devoted, caring and sincere people anyone could ever meet. She always puts all of her effort into everything she does. She has seen success in any endeavor she takes on and that is a trait that she will always possess. She will be a wonderful nurse who will make her patients care and concerns her first priority. Amanda is extremely deserving of this scholarship. I am certain that you could not find anyone better for this honor!

  • Amanda is an exceptionally bright, sincere, and dedicated individual. Her deep sense of compassion and desire to help others is truly a step above the rest. I have no doubt that she will be an
    incredible nurse and I highly recommend her for this scholarship opportunity.

  • What a great essay! I have watched Amanda grow up to become a beautiful polite young woman. I think she will be a wonderful nurse. Amanda is very deserving of this scholarship!

  • I had the honor of meeting Amanda this year, during my freshman year of college. She is such a loving, compassionate, and dedicated young woman. She deeply cares for those around her and is always willing to help others who are in need. In addition to this, her dedication is evident in her schoolwork. Amanda studied hard throughout the entire school year. She was always ahead in all of her classes, and kept everything planned and organized on her monthly calendars that she made, planning out all of her homework, reading assignments, papers, tests, quizzes, and projects. She mastered the perfect balance for friends and family, extra-curricular activities, school, and her own health. While caring for one’s own health seems necessary and obvious, it is extremely important when entering the healthcare field. Amanda always eats healthy and makes time in her weekly schedule for exercise and stress-relief. This is a key facet in leading by example in the medical field. Finally, Amanda is so passionate about nursing. She finds time in her busy summer schedule, balancing two jobs, as well as generously giving her time by volunteering at a local hospital. She always shared what she was learning about in her nursing classes and I have never seen anyone so excited to receive their first pair of scrubs. Amanda is a fantastic candidate for this scholarship and would be a spectacular choice.

  • Amanda deserves this scholarship. It’s as simple as that. As her cousin, I’ve watched her grow up into the extraordinary, caring, and genuine person that she is today. She is one of the most self-motivated people I’ve ever met. She doesn’t do things just to appease others. She does them because she wants to better herself. As a nurse, I know the type of person necessary for the job and she meets every qualification. I have no doubt that she will learn everything she can and take full advantage of every opportunity given to her, just so she can provide the best care possible for her patients. She’s a special girl that’s going places in this world.

  • As a long time family friend, I have followed Amanda’s life from afar. Although I have not had the pleasure of seeing her for many years, I have been proud of her development throughout her life, thus far! Amanda has maintained the standards her parents have instilled into her, compassion, patience, dedication, stability & empathy. Some of the traits required to be a success in the nursing profession. Anyone who has the desire & determination to pursue a career in Nursing should be welcomed with open arms. As this is Amanda’s destiny, I fully expect to hear shortly, that you have offered a Scholarship to no one more deserving.

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