Moved to the US to pursue dream of becoming a film director

JJ - Raz Tzameret 2I transferred to Towson University from Howard Community College in the Fall of 2015. At Howard, I first worked as a math tutor for one semester. I then campaigned and was elected Vice President of the Student Government Association for two semesters. I filed for permission to work outside of school (OPT) and worked in filming and editing with an entertainment company. After a year my OPT expired, and it was time for a new Vice President to take my place. After I had transferred to Towson, I tried to find a job on campus but with no success; and as of this moment I am not working.

I mention all of the above because I know what Just Jobs is all about. It is about the value and benefits of hard work, right? For that, I have some credentials.

For two years before moving to the US, I worked eighty hours a week to pursue my dream of moving to the US and become a film director. I spent my days as a full-time member of an IT department, and three nights a week and Saturday I spent working shifts at a gas station. People called me crazy for working so much, but I knew I could do it. I was no stranger to hard work.

From the age of 18 to 21, I served in the Israeli Defense Force. In the middle of my service, my family incurred financial problems, and the military salary was very low for new recruits. During my free weekends, I worked as an usher and as a busboy at a comedy nightclub. It was a lot of work, but I knew I could do it. I was no stranger to hard work. Before the military, I worked at the Israel-Jordan border as a “general employee”.

Being an employee with no real definition allows people to do whatever they want with you, and I found myself carrying bags of rice that fell off forklifts and sweeping marble stone parts that broke while being lifted from one truck to another. I did it all in 120 degrees. I didn’t know I could do it, but I did. The value of hard work is in the core of me as a human being: always has been, always will be.

Now I am lucky enough to be working on things that I love while pursuing my degree. Graduating with a degree will not be the end of four years in school but the culminating experience of decades of hard work that began with a dream. This dream could never have come to fruition without the values I developed doing supposedly menial things. So while I am editing, writing, directing or producing, I will do it all with the same values that I had sweeping rocks, cleaning movie theaters, and putting gas in cars.

We are proud to announce Raz Tzameret is one of the current JustJobs Scholarship finalists. Vote for his essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), click the ‘heart’ just above comments section below, and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.



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  • There is no doubt that you are a hard worker. I will like to call you a hard worker with integrity. I wish you all the best of luck in all your efforts ……..

    • Thank You. It sure took us time to get along completely at the SGA office, but once we did we also understood, each on his own, that the other person means nothing but good. Integrity is innate in a person as a person, and sometimes in order to see it some barriers must be removed

  • Raz is without a doubt the most hard working person I have ever met. Raz is no stranger to sacrifice and has an unbelievable focus and drive. Raz’s work ethic and dedication are rare today. He is not interested in shortcuts or “insta-success”. Raz is driven by his passion, perseverance and refusal to settle. He is the best candidate for this scholarship!

    • Thank You! Sometimes, when hard times are coming, I have this terrible desire to give in to some shortcut, but I know it is not the way. It also becomes clearer and clearer how the way is no less (and even more at times) important than the goal itself.

      • Actually…sometimes his refusal to take shortcuts drives me crazy 🙂 But at the end of the day I know that being with him makes me a better person.

  • You’ve didn’t say a word about it (as modesty requires), but apart from being a hard worker, you’re also very talented. You also have an original line of thought – during conversations with you I often find myself thinking “I’ve never thought about it that way before”.

    • I don’t know what to say but thank you and right back at you. I think the best way to think of things is always to think differently. A good friend of mine said to me once that even if he agrees with me, he will argue differently, because that is how we can become better people.

  • Hard worker is an understatement! I am so proud of you and the man you became. You have a dream and you are not affraid to Chase it! I know you’ll catch it soon enough.
    Keep up the hard and the good work

    • Thank You! My journey had less bumps thanks to all your help throughout the years; and yes “hard and good work”, not just hard; that is the most important thing (everyone can work hard, but is everyone doing a good job?)

  • Raz, it’s true you are hardworking, dedicated, and motivated to a degree that inspires others. But you left something out of this essay! What it doesn’t address is your kind soul and genuine and deep concern for others. You are sensitive and thoughtful with a creative spark that I swear I only see in young children. The world needs more people like you and perhaps your future films can help inspire them.

    • That is the kind of films I want to make. I want to make films that will inspire others. I want to make comedies, but not just for the sake of escapism, but also for the sake of creating a change. A change through satire, through looking at our difficult reality in a funny way. I have decided a long time ago that humor is sensitivity with a smile; so why won’t we all just smile? Thank you for this comment, I hope the spark will live on 🙂

  • Raz is one of the most generous people I know as well. He is always willing to help his friends and even people he may not know. He is someone you want to have on your team!

    • Thank you Alana! The funny thing people tend not to think of when wanting to have someone on their team is whether or not that someone is willing to be on it. The sad thing about it that there are way too many good and talented people out there who are afraid of joining the team that wants them. I believe saying yes is mostly better than no, and if a team offers, then the individual should step towards it (of course as long no one gets hurt).

  • I have known Raz since the 9th grade. He is one of the most creative, dedicated and talented students I have ever known. His essays and short stories portrayed his uniqueness even then.
    Raz, you are an inspiration to all who know you! Following and achieving your dreams is not just a ‘motto’ for you, it’s a way of life. You are one of the most amazing people I know.
    To the people at JustJobs, I’m envious you will be able to work with him. His creativity is off the charts, and at the risk of repeating what has already been said in these comments, his compassion and sensitivity towards others is overwhelming.

    • Simma you are too kind. Thank you so much! Just Jobs though won’t be offering me a job after this, but hopefully a scholarship. Thank You again! I had great support from you during those high school years and I can’t say how much I appreciate the fact that support continues.

  • I know a thing or two about moving to a strange country to pursue your dreams and it requires the kind of determination and love for what you do that you can only find in people like Raz. Raz is a unique soul. He is a natural born writer and director. I haven’t known him for long but every time I see a new piece of his work, I am blown away. He is funny, courageous and not afraid to make a statement. I am sure he will be the best candidate for this scholarship, as he will do whatever it takes to succeed and is not the type to ever give up on his dreams. Good luck Raz. I know you can do it.

    • Just wanted to say that I am terrified of making a statement, but know that if done right, making one is way better than not. Thank you for the kind words !

  • I know you since you were 8 years old. Maybe you didn’t work at that age, but you were always a passionate student and since middle school had the passion for films. I also know how hard it has been for you to make the decision and the struggle of missing your friends and family is a big part of it. Your love for what you do, and how you want to make the world a better place with it, is much more that that.

    • Thank you Tzruya. The struggle of missing people is unfortunately even harder whenever I come back from a visit in my home country. I did decide though to approach this way of thinking: Instead of miss, just love. I know it sounds like a lot of this new age nonsense, but it actually is a much better feeling, and instead of the sad missing part, I feel happy to love. Must admit it doesn’t always work. I think my passion is probably greater, because it is what I am here for. Also, I think you are right, and I had this willingness to learn and be better at whatever I was (and still am) doing; I owe most of it to my parents.

  • I have known Raz since the army, and I seriously don’t know anyone
    as ambitious as him. When we were still soldiers (both sergeants with a lot of
    responsibility), he told me of his crazy plan to work his butt off so he could
    save enough money to go and study filmmaking in the US. And all of this so he
    can achieve his dreams and become a director in Hollywood. I told him that he
    was crazy, and no one plans that far ahead. Day one after he finished his military
    service, he started making that plan come to life. I used to visit him on his
    graveyard shifts in the gas station, only to hear that he was awake since early
    that morning, working as an IT guy. I told him this is too much, he needed to
    rest. But he did not rest for a moment, not until he had his ticket to
    education in the US and a handful of hard earned cash to get him started. And a
    couple of years after, I hear that he finished phase one of the plan (community
    college), and on to phase two – university. And he even managed to get engaged
    with a wonderful girl in that time. I really cannot imagine how could a guy
    want so much, and still achieve more – all the time still wearing a friendly
    smile on his face, and staying true to himself. Raz is seriously an inspiring
    guy, and a great friend.

  • Reading this essay just confirms what I already know about Raz. I am completely certain he will succeed in whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue.

    • Thank You Ben! I appreciate it a lot! You always gave me full support on every project I was working on.

  • Raz is the man! As an entrepreneur and business owner I know that it’s taking pride in even the mundane and menial that really ensures a recipe for success. Raz knows this too! There is no one more deserving of this scholarship!

    • Just so you know that despite the fact we are in a completely different business, the way you worked on yours made me think of my way. I learned from you something about dedication and how persistence can take time.

  • Raz is the ONLY candidate for this scholarship. He is the definition of dedication and hard work. Not only does he display incredible work ethic, but immense passion and selflessness. I’m very lucky to call Raz family, and have much to learn from him!

  • This is what dreams are all about. all are about doing, not just dreaming. The world doesn’t need more dreamers but doers and that is what I see in your essay. I really hope you win this!

  • Wow raz! I did not know all of this about you as you as you are so humble and not one to seek compliments or brag about yourself! This is very impressive and honorable! You have serious determination and tenacity and with no handouts..all on your own! That is not an easy task but with the drive and passion you have you are well on your way to reaching your goals! Mazel tov and I hope you go far, im sure you will..you deserve it!:) The world needs more people like you that take pride in all they do and knows the meaning of hard work no matter the task. You know what it means to dream big and pursue those dreams no matter the obstacles. Wishing you the best of luck and the recognition for such a stellar candidate as yourself!!!:)

  • Raz is my best friend. I know him since we were 3 years old. Since I know him he had great and big. Plans about his future. Started from managing a bug zoo containing all kind of animals to become an astronaut and at age 10 he decided he will be the next Spielberg. I enjoyed his movies from the day 1 he got his camera and I truly believe in him. Raz is a good candidate because he must be helped to persue his dreams.

  • I had some experience with hard work. It was for survival mostly, and since there were no plans for the future, money was spent mostly on fun (dinners, parties)… besides bills of course. If I knew better I would have saved some of it for my future, and even for my future family’s future, but I guess that is how you learn and develop. I don’t know if Raz learned it from past mistakes, but it doesn’t really matter, he reached so far already that I can’t say anything by admiring it

  • “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninty nine percent perspiration” – Thomas Edison. Best of luck 🙂

  • This is something to show your kids (future kids?) Whether you win or not, this is a proof of how much you can get done with presistence. Don’t forget to remain honest and humble and god bless.

  • Simply put, this man is a leader and a visionary! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Raz on multiple fundraising projects and I’ve come to know him well as a person. He is not only an extremely intelligent, talented, and diligent worker, but also a man of strong character. He puts the team objective first and works tirelessly with everyone to achieve it. His great sense of humor and positive attitude make it a pleasure for everyone to collaborate with him. Needless to say, I am not the least bit surprised that Raz is one of the JustJobs scholarship finalists.

  • Raz has a bright, promising future that he has worked unbelievably hard for. He has talent, ambition, and vision . His humor combined with his sensitivity and ability to think deeply about our world is a gift to all those who know him. I know that with this scholarship, he will be able to graduate college and focus his efforts on creating the kind of art that unites people. He has my full support!

  • Since we served together in the army I could always see how hard you work to achieve your goals, and you never gave up even if it was hard. You kept working hard to achieve your dream of getting into college in the U.S. And I’m sure you’ll keep working hard to achieve any dream you’ll might have in the future. Wish you luck!

  • What you haven’t mentioned is that luck has a lot to do with it. You weren’t lucky enough to be born in a rich family, but you were lucky enough to become a hard worker, you were lucky enough to learn how to save money, how to evolve and how to go where you were dreaming of going. On the other hand, you were smart enough to create this luck. I wish you that this “luck” will continue also with networking, finding a job in your field and eventually succeeding in it. I am sure you are capable of creating this luck. Good luck!

  • I worked with you on your first projects. We where what? 16? Not even. It was right when this “hobby” became serious. When we where at middle school you just started your affair with cinema but in high school there is no doubt you became married to it. I am proud to call you my friend, that you went with your love all the way even though now we don’t see each other as much. You have accomplished so much and much more is in your feature. You are never afraid to evolve and take that extra step, and all that with your modesty and without stepping on anyone on the way

  • Congratulations Raz on becoming a finalist. We can’t think of a more deserving person and hope you win in order to continue following your dream. Good Luck!!

  • We served together for a very short period of time. All I remember from that time is how much fun it was. Your improvisation skills gave joy to everyone who were under the same tent as you. You’ve never done it for attention, you did it out of love. You are still making everyone smile out of love, and I think that is your secret. It wasn’t the drive to succeed that kept you going, but how much all of your effort and hard work were always done with love, out of love.

  • I’ve known Raz for a few years. A unique guy. What he failed to mentioned (not to be too hard on you buddy! ‘Failed’ is a strong word…) Is that he always wanted to get better, not as a worker, but as a human being. For him being a hard worker is one of the qualities a good person should have, so he embraced it. I don’t think he knows it till this day that there was nothing to embrace. He was a hard worker all along.

  • Raz in Hebrew means secret, and I feel like every time I found another piece of him, I like him more. He doesn’t have secrets and will tell you all you want to know with great honesty, but he will always be humble about it, almost as if it was a secret. This essay reveals another piece that I like, and all I can say is good luck

  • Some people, few, get the chance of knowing throughout their entire life what their destination is. This is exciting and frightening at the same time, and can turn one into smug or warrior. in Raz’s case, he immediately filled the warrior position, and took full responsibility on achieving the prophecy that was cast at him at a very young age.
    I’m positive Raz will do great things anyway, because he’s ridiculously talented and decisive; but with your support, at this critical time of his growth, we could all be enjoying this very soon. He deserves this more than anyone.

  • Raz is one of a kind.
    I remember him working so hard to save money before moving to the states.
    Unfortunately, living as a foreign student is not an easy task. He achieved so much already but that’s not enough. At this point, this scholarship is a must.
    Besides being a unique person with rare personality, as you may figure by previous comments, he really needs it. Raz is talented and didn’t compromise, he decided to fulfill his dreams in the US and I have no doubt he will make it. The main obstacle is the financial part which can be resolved with a scholarship from Just Jobs Academy. I hope you will make the right decision choosing Raz.

  • I met you six years ago and we lost touch. After a few years we met in different circumstances, and while I was passionate about acting, you introduced me to the world of improvisation. I saw you in the impro group and the love you give, how commit you are. I know that even though you love it, this kind of commitment is always rare. From what I read here, you commit also when you do things you don’t love so much, because that is just who you are. Continue to be that way, that is all I can say (besidea good luck of course :))

  • I have had the pleasure of sharing an office with Raz over the last year. It is clear that he is passionate, intelligent and creative. In addition, he is hard working often being in the office before I arrive and after I leave.

    Furthermore, I used to work in the local film business. Having spent 7 years on the sets of everything from The Wire & The West Wing to Minority Report & Hannibal I think Raz has many great characteristics suited for an education and career in the “the biz”. I cannot think of a better candidate to receive the support needed to further pursue a dream.

  • Raz and I worked on two high school short projects together. In the first he was my editor, in the second I was his DP (director of photography). He was there for me as I was for him and worked on my project as if it was his own. I filmed a documentary and his touch, how he had cut 6 hours of footage to 12 minutes, was at the time, for that age, unbelievable. He helps with all of his heart when needed and put efforts into others just as much as he puts effort on his own projects. He deserves this one.

  • I heard so much about Raz from my wife (how knows him for many years) that I feel like I know him… Well, more or less.
    I met him only once at my wedding, and he just stood there with a shy smile, wanting to celebrate with my wife and I our happiest day of our life.

    I’ve watched a lot of the short films he made, that my wife showed me.
    All I can say is that I was thinking to myself how this guy got not only the ambition, but also the talent.
    This essay confirmed me that this fellow has the third ingredient for success: hard work.
    I really feel he desereves this one the most.

  • Awesome!!!!! Everyone wrote amazing comments and I so agree. In the 2 years that I have known Raz I have been amazed and impressed with his talents. I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of this honor!!!!

  • I had the privilege of being Raz’s audio professor at Towson University. His work ethic is unbelievable, and his dedication to making the assignments absolutely perfect was unmatched. When I asked for 110%, he gave 111%. Razz is a great person, and wherever he goes, he will become an invaluable asset to the team.

  • Raz is a great guy! He is a hard worker, has a great sense of humor and a kind heart. He’s the total package!

  • I’ve had the pleasure to work with Raz, most definitely deserve the scholarship. Some people may blossom when given the chance, and he is that kind of a person. I have discovered a very talented, creative, professional, hard worker guy. Above all, he has a great spirit and character. I highly recommend!

  • The hard work is not necessarily the most important thing. The most important thing is how you do the work you do and how you enjoy it. That is why if you enjoy what you do, then you can do anything. That is why if you appreciate what you do, even when it is not your cup of tea; then you can do anything. Any kind of job is always right for any working man or woman. All they need to do is to know how to make it their own, how to enjoy it.

  • I think this is crazy and yet inspiring. I know myself and know iam a hard worker, but this is pretty much sums what success is all about. best of luck.

  • Raz is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever been lucky to know. He is ambitious, honest, and compassionate and I have no doubt he will be a success in whatever path life takes him. It is an honor to know such a gentleman as Raz.

  • raz is a very creative person, highly qualified wherever he is in charge, with a great devotion, responsibillity and kindness, in a very unique way to communicate people and make things happen….wonderful guy.

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