Hispanic Housing Development Corp

We Transform Communities

Cultural values are preserved and neighborhoods are enriched through our community-based approach. We respond to the needs of the residents.

We Create Opportunities

We help people across the Midwest improve their lives—and achieve the American dream. We’re a catalyst for economic prosperity.

We Build & Revitalize

We’re one of the largest community development organizations in the nation. We create affordable housing in Latino neighborhoods in and beyond Chicago including those in Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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Creating Opportunities

We’re a catalyst for economic prosperity and community growth. It takes jobs to make communities work.

Community development is more than laying bricks and mortar, it’s about creating opportunities for successful living. That’s why we hire from within the neighborhoods we work in. We also help students prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities by offering scholarships and educational programs through our community partners.

“It’s all about making something of yourself.”​ – Elizabeth Solano from Chicago, IL

Careers with HHDC

HHDC currently employs 175 people and often has employment opportunities to help manage and maintain our portfolio of properties.

Our for-profit general contractor, Tropic Construction, regularly hires local residents to help build its properties, and actively seeks relationships with Latino, African-American, and women-owned subcontractors.

HHDC recognizes that the educational development of employees is important to its success, and encourages employees to engage in personal development activities. All full-time employees are eligible for pre-approved education assistance, including degreed coursework.

Employees have engaged in a wide range of studies in areas including Property Management, Property Development, Construction, Human Resources, Architecture and Accounting/Finance. Many employees take advantage of courses offered by professional associations; others are enrolled in university degree programs.

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