Phoenix Army Recruiting Battalion

U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Phoenix expertly recruits with integrity the most highly qualified Volunteers from Arizona and New Mexico in order to provide optimal strength to a transforming Army at war, while taking care of Soldiers, Civilians, and Families.

Vision Statement

  • Embody the Army Values and Warrior Ethos as ambassadors of the US Army and Profession of Arms
  • Develop and support leaders with all resources, technology, and techniques available to enhance their ability to accomplish the mission and cultivate their professional growth
  • Empower Companies and Centers to recruit, enlist, and prepare the right, quality people
  • Establish and foster critical relationships within the community to gain access to key recruiting locations and spread and reinforce positive awareness and perception of the Army
  • Invest in Volunteers to ensure they are mentally and physically prepared to be Soldiers
  • Effectively Manage Time to balance work, family, and personal interests

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