Room & Board

Room & Board is a national retailer of modern American-made home furnishings and accessories. We started our business over 35 years ago with a passion to help our customers furnish homes they love. More than 90% of our products are manufactured in America using quality U.S. and imported materials. With 16 stores across the country, a robust e-commerce site, and 1-800 Shop From Home channel we seamlessly serve our customers. In addition we have a Business Interiors channel dedicated to helping business customers create flexible, functional spaces for their customers and employees.

With 2015 planned sales at $400 million, Room & Board has achieved a leadership position in the home furnishings marketplace and we continue to fuel our growth based upon our founding values of good design, value and exceptional customer service. Respect and strong relationships shape Room & Board’s work environment. We know that highly engaged staff members serve our customers well. Therefore we are committed to creating a work environment that celebrates staff members that are passionate about their work and we encourage our teams to innovate and find success.

People who enjoy working with broad authority and accountability flourish at Room & Board. Room & Board is an inclusive work environment and we build common ground through understanding and shared experiences. We believe we’re better together. We also recognize the value of work life balance and encourage staff members to find harmony between their professional and personal endeavors.

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