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Location:Mountain View, CA
Company:CDI Corporation
First posted:May 22, 2017

Computer Vision Engineer Mountain View, California, United States

Computer Vision Engineer, Mountain View

Project Overview:

Our client is developing an exciting, wireless device that lets you interact with the digital world, simply by interacting with the physical world in the ways that you always have. They've already built a prototype and successfully incubated core technology combining computer vision, machine learning, and low power computing. Now we are building an SDK and application ecosystem to interact with our prototype.

Overall Responsibilities:

We are looking for a versatile, highly skilled, and innovative Computer Vision Engineer who will play a key role in helping us push our technology forward. If you have extensive knowledge of computer vision, image processing, mobile computing systems, cameras and sensors, and porting development codes to embedded environments, then we are interested in talking to you. We are looking for an exceptional engineer who can develop a powerful new experience that will be driven by data from the wireless device that is paired with the phone. In this role you'll be a critical member of a fast-paced cross-functional startup team and must thrive in a high energy, time-constrained, multitasking environment.

Top 3 daily responsibilities:

Write software algorithms in a development language (e.g., MATLAB) for the purposes of image dewarping, reprojection, stitching, blending, and enhancement.

Port code to the embedded system level so as to run on the Movidius Myriad 2 mobile vision processor.

Some optimization will be required to parallelize the developed code appropriately to make best use of the shave infrastructure inherent to the Myriad 2 architecture.

Additional responsibilities: Sensor integration involving measurements from IMUs, piezoelectric pressure sensors, and or other sensors Apply machine learning to multisensor data including images

Required skills:

B.S. in a computer science or similar. Must have 3+ years of relevant industry experience

Experience prototyping computer vision algorithms in Matlab and/or OpenCV (C++).

Experience implementing computer vision algorithms in OpenCV (C++) and/or C.

Ability to function in a fast paced work environment.

Work schedule flexibility when deadlines call for long hours.

Effective communication skills.

Nice to Have:

Demonstrated expertise in developing applications in sensor fusion, tracking and/or simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).

Experience with Android development in Android Studio.

Experience developing a SDK.

Experience with managing external performers.

Experience with formal project management.

Experience with applying deep learning with convolutional neural networks for computer vision problems.

Experience with Git revision control.

Type: Contract

Reference ID: 369365

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