Mgr, Software Dev Engineering - Tumblr more...
First posted:August 30, 2017

At Tumblr, we've taken a novel approach to advertising. Rather than being segregated in terms of look and feel or functionality, ads are first-class citizens in the Tumblr-verse, and can be acted on in the same manner as any post on the site. We're looking for an Engineering Leader capable of driving our innovative approach forward, making Tumblr an even better platform of expression for our advertisers, driving an even more meaningful experience for our users.

What You'll Do:

  • Lead a product engineering team focused on monetization, which has technical responsibilities across most areas of Tumblr - web, mobile, scalable backend services, and a deep focus on data and optimization.

  • Improve our existing advertising platforms and help drive innovation, while keeping in mind the sensibilities of Tumblr's user community.

  • Represent the interests of the advertising engineering team from a technical perspective within all of Tumblr engineering.

  • Foster and grow the engineering culture of an existing team, emphasizing empathy, collaboration, innovation, and quality.

What We're Looking For:

  • A heightened sense of ownership.

  • A strong eye for design, and an affection for simplicity.

  • A deep technical foundation and an insatiable curiosity to keep learning.

  • Experience in leading and mentoring talented engineers.

  • A proven track record of delivering complex software projects and and experience with highly-scaled distributed systems.

This job position is no longer available.