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Property Manager

14 West
United States, Maryland, Baltimore
14 West Mount Vernon Place (Show on map)
October 17, 2022


  • Manage several residential rental and personal properties in historic area of Baltimore City and in rural Anne Arundel County
  • Development of rental property portfolio in historic area of Baltimore City and in rural Anne Arundel County
  • Acquisition of new properties and Renovation.
  • Experience and knowledge of building systems and trades essential


  • Deposit tenant rents and/or track online payments made to appropriate accounts
  • Prepare monthly spreadsheets and reports using Quicken and Excel
  • Reconcile associated Quicken accounts weekly
  • Renew city and state registration - license and lead paint
  • Contact inspector for yearly multiple Family dwelling inspections.
  • Make keys when necessary (new cleaning person, handyman...)
  • Meet prospective tenants, and agents for managed properties
  • Negotiate and prepare leases when required
  • Manage current tenants
  • Pay monthly recurring bills on time and one-time invoices as due and record in Quicken
  • Pay and bill back to tenants utilities paid outside of rent
  • Manage caretaker and cleaning lady at family properties
  • Organize lead inspections as required:
  • Contact handyman if repairs are necessary
  • Contact cleaning person
  • Make sure the apartment is ready for inspection
  • Make appointments with lead inspector
  • Contract repairs and maintenance and the interface between tenants and handyman/contractors
  • Review insurance annually and recommend changes as necessary
  • Engage and pay for cleaning of common areas
  • Stay current on Baltimore city renter issues

  • MD state lead inspection renewal as needed and annual registration of properties

  • Travel to Anne Arundel County properties occasionally

  • Walk 1- 3 miles to various properties in Baltimore as required

  • Tracking renovation of a residential building in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore. This includes walk-throughs with contractors to track progress and noticing potential issues to communicate to principal. Reviewing monthly contractor(s) invoices to track spending and watch for cost overruns

  • Tracking routine and capital maintenance of real-estate

  • Identify prospective properties for sale adjacent to WRF/SF, and Mt Vernon Square to enhance portfolio