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Data Scientist Direct Hire (12 Month Register)

Internal Revenue Service
$98,496.00 - $183,500.00 / yr
United States, Oregon, Portland
January 31, 2024


A description of the business units can be found at:

The following are the duties of this position at the full working level. If this vacancy includes more than one grade and you are selected at a lower grade level, you will have the opportunity to learn to perform these duties and receive training to help you grow in this position.

  • Participates as a Senior Data Scientist in the advanced analytics projects undertaken; defining, approving, coordinating, evaluating, and analyzing team performance with responsibility for resolving gaps, conflicts and the day-to-day performance of the team assigned; driving the team toward the desired outcomes of projects. This includes getting signoffs on project documentation, participating in code reviews, and coordinating and getting project delivery acceptance. Leads verbal and written communications with business partners at all levels to clearly articulate the approach and the findings of interpretable analytical models and ensure that outcomes of the project are fully understood and to provide trainings on complex analytics solutions. Consults with senior level managers, executives, and a variety of other technical and nontechnical staff within OLS and across the IRS as required for specific policy interpretations and translation of technical problems and conditions. Responsible for constantly holding the picture of OLS and the IRS's drive for digital and cultural transformation to a customer-centric orientation with a data and analytics emphasis by improving the overall data and analytics environment while being pragmatic and agile and in synch with the needs of the business at all times. Responsible for the growth of data in the OLS data and reporting environment by leading the certification of data sets available for reporting, collaborating with IRS information technology leaders on desired new technologies and techniques to create efficient process around data extraction, loading, transformation, governance, and cataloguing for better and reduced time to insights for the business.
  • Applies professional knowledge of computer science, mathematical, statistical theories, techniques, and methods to gather, analyze, design and construct new processes for analytical modeling, interpreting models, and/or reporting quantitative information, trends, relationships and correlations among or within data. Leads the digital data and analysis efforts related to developing and implementing customer strategy, digital design of products and services, and support platform development. The incumbent focuses on analyzing and supporting the development of enhanced user experiences and engagement through the entire lifecycle of customers' interactions. The employee is responsible for making sure reports, analyses, and dashboards accurately reflect vital information about the IRS' digital services. Consults with senior level managers, executives, and a variety of other technical and non-technical staff within OLS for the advancement of the OLS analytics roadmap to enable the business with enhanced data capabilities needed by the business to achieve its specific goals.
  • Defines advanced analytics, M/L and AI project objectives, collaborates with the business for requirement, defines metrics and measures of effectiveness, and expected outcomes; identifies and/or develops innovative and effective approaches and methodologies; applies advanced operations research and data science techniques for quantitative analysis, statistical analysis, forecasting, predictive modeling, prescriptive analysis, and optimization; and validates analysis and outcomes. Identifies the methods, processes, algorithms, tools, and systems to extract and interpret findings from various structured and unstructured data sets related to the data science lifecycle. Responsible for the development of algorithms and/or tools to support data manipulation and processing as well as the use of data visualization techniques to articulate findings.

Conditions of Employment

  • Telework Eligible Positions: Telework eligible positions do not guarantee telework. Employees must meet and sustain IRS telework eligibility requirements (e.g., reporting at least twice a pay period to your assigned Post of Duty (POD)) and supervisor's approval to participate in the IRS Telework Program. Employees must also be within a 200-mile radius of their official assigned post-of-duty (POD) while in a telework status. As a reminder - If you are selected for a position, you are responsible for reporting to your designated POD (location) on the negotiated start date or as directed by management.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or National and provide proof of U.S. Citizenship. (Birth certificate showing birth in the U.S; Unexpired U.S. Passport; Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization; or Report of Birth Abroad of a U.S. Citizen (Form FS-240))
  • Must successfully complete a background investigation, including a FBI criminal history record check (fingerprint check).

Federal experience is not required. The experience may have been gained in the public sector, private sector or One year of experience refers to full-time work; part-timework is considered on a prorated basis. To ensure full credit for your work experience, please indicate dates of employment by month/year, and indicate number of hours worked per week, on your resume.

You must meet the following requirements by the losing date of this announcement OR time of referral:


A. Degree: Mathematics, statistics, computer science, data science or field directly related to the position. The degree must be in a major field of study (at least at the baccalaureate level) that is appropriate for the position.


B. Combination of education and experience: Courses equivalent to a major field of study (30 semester hours) as shown in paragraph A above, plus additional education or appropriate experience.


You must have 1 year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-12 grade level in the Federal service. Specialized experience for this position must include experience applying design and implementation of data science and analytical methods such as exploratory data analysis, descriptive analytics, and predictive analytics using machine learning. Experience with solution design techniques, implementation approaches, and analytics. Experience carrying out advanced analytics tasks on projects such as data preparation to deal with data outliers or missing data. Experience in the use of relevant data science programming languages such as, R, Python, SQL, MATLAB, and experience using an integrated development environment (IDE) such as, RStudio. Experience applying effective communication, both orally and in writing to articulate findings and recommendations and to prepare reports and assessments for management. Experience in applying more than one data science model or algorithm and selecting the best using a performance metric like Area Under the Curve (AUC). Experience with the iterative processes required in carrying out data science projects such as identifying the business problem to be solved and data available to solve the problem, carrying out data preparation and feature engineering, and building models designed to solve the problem. Experience using data preparation methods, feature engineering, exploratory data analysis, predictive model creation, and designing and creating data visualizations. Experience with data analysis tools, data visualization tools, and data reporting platforms and tools such as, PowerBI, Tableau or other data analysis and visualization tools to tell stories with data and analysis (e.g., time series, cohort analysis, clustering analysis, trend analysis, principal components analysis, other data analysis).


You must have 1 year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-13 grade level in the Federal service. Specialized experience for this position must include: Experience with data science and analytical methods from conducting machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and technical procedures such as, solution design, implementation, and deployment. Experience using one or more relevant data science programming languages such as, R, Python, SQL, MATLAB; the use of an integrated development environment (IDE) such as, RStudio. Experience with evaluative methods based on analytical skills and experiences balancing project and technological risk of the advanced solution's design, development and implementation. Experience defining data science problems and generating solution designs.

Experience communicating a synthesis of data science topics or issues and analytics solutions. Experience applying effective communication, both orally and in writing to articulate findings and recommendations. Experience with data preparation methods such as, feature creation, exploratory data analysis, model creation, and data visualization. Experience developing machine learning and AI models. Experience using data analysis, data visualization, and data reporting tools such as PowerBI or Tableau. Experience researching and applying internal guidelines, policies, and procedures in order to adapt them to varying circumstances, including resolving conflicts between directives and guidance from different sources.

For more information on qualifications please refer to .

For positions with an education requirement, or if you are qualifying for this position by substituting education or training for experience, submit a copy of your transcripts or equivalent. An official transcript will be required if you are selected.

A college or university degree generally must be from an accredited (or pre-accredited) college or university recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. For a list of schools which meet these criteria, please refer to .

FOREIGN EDUCATION: Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the requirements. You must show proof the education credentials have been deemed to be at least equivalent to that gained in conventional U.S. education program. It is your responsibility to provide such evidence when applying. Click for Foreign Education Credentialing instructions.

Additional information

  • A 1-year probationary period is required.
  • Have your salary sent to a financial institution of your choice by Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • We may select from this announcement or any other source to fill one or more vacancies. Additional jobs may be filled.
  • This is a bargaining unit position.
  • Tour of Duty: Day Shift - Start and stop times between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Alternative work schedule, staggered work hours or telework may be available.
  • Relocation expenses - No
  • Obtain and use a Government-issued charge card for business-related travel.
  • Though many locations may be listed, you will be limited to a maximum of 3 location choices. Please consider each location carefully when applying. If you are selected for a position at one of your location selections, that location will become your official post of duty.
  • Vacancies filled under this public notice do not have promotion potential as each grade is at its full working level.
  • If this position is designated as hard to fill and you were referred by an IRS employee, the employee may be eligible to receive a bonus for referring you under The Employee Referral Bonus Program (ERBP), recruiting strategy.

This is an open continuous announcement which allows applicants to apply up to the closing date of the announcement, 08/07/2024 . This announcement will establish an inventory of applicants. Contingent upon funding and space requirements, one or more vacancies may be filled at the locations listed in this announcement as they come available.

  • A career with the U.S. government provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package. As a federal employee, you and your family will have access to a range of benefits that are designed to make your federal career very rewarding. .

    Eligibility for benefits depends on the type of position you hold and whether your position is full-time, part-time or intermittent. Contact the hiring agency for more information on the specific benefits offered.

Required Documents

The following documents are required and must be provided with your application. All application materials, including transcripts, must be in English.

  1. Online Application - Questionnaire
  2. Education - See Education Section above
  3. Registration/License (If Applicable) - active, current registration/license
  4. High School Diploma (or equivalent) - If you are 16 or 17 years of age, you MUST submit documentation of graduation from high school (or equivalent); OR completion of a formal vocational training program; OR statement from school authorities agreeing with your decision to pursue employment rather than continuing your education.

Please note that if you do not provide all required information, as specified in this announcement, you may not be considered for this position (or may not receive the special consideration for which you may be eligible).
How to Apply

This Direct Hire Public Notice is to gather applications that may or may not result in a referral or selection. Your application will remain active through the open period of this Public Notice. Applicants will be referred on a first in, first out basis. Those applicants who are applying earlier in the process will stand a much better chance of being referred for consideration in the selection process.

The following instructions outline our application process. You must complete this application process and submit any required documents by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on 08/07/2024 in this announcement. We are available to assist you during business hours (normally 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET, Monday - Friday). If applying online poses a hardship, please contact us by noon ET on 08/07/2024.
To preview the Application Questionnaire, please click the following link:

  • To begin the application process, click the "Apply Online" button.
  • You will be re-directed to USA STAFFING to complete your application process; answer the online questions and submit all required documents. (To submit supporting documents, import documents from USAJOBS to the appropriate document types. If the document you need was not imported from USAJOBS, you may upload it directly into this application. To protect your privacy, we suggest you first remove your SSN).
  • To complete, you must click the "Submit Application" button prior to 11:59 PM (ET) on 08/07/2024.

To update your application, including supporting documentation, at any time during the announcement open period, return to your USAJOBS account (). There you will find a record of your application, the application status, and an option to Update Application. This option will no longer be available once the announcement has closed.

To verify the status of your application both during and after the announcement open period, log into your USAJOBS account: . All of your applications will appear on the Welcome page. The application record in your USAJOBS account provides an Additional Application Information page that provides information regarding the documentation you submitted and any correspondence we have sent related to this application. The Application Status will appear along with the date your application was last updated. For information on what each Application Status means, visit: .
Agency contact information

(ERC) Employee Resource Center





1111 Constitution Ave NW

Washington, DC 20224


Next steps

Treasury believes in a working environment that supports inclusion; please view our reasonable accommodation policies and procedures at . We will provide reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities on a case-by-case basis; please contact us if you require this for any part of the application and hiring process.

Once your application package and online questionnaire is received you will receive an acknowledgement email. You are responsible for checking status updates and notifications in USAJOBS. Hard copy notifications will not be sent to you. You may check the status of your application for this position at any time by logging onto the USAJOBS "My Account" tab and clicking on "Application Status." For a more detailed update of your application status, you may click on "more information." Please notify us if your contact information changes after the closing date of the announcement. If your email mailbox is full or blocked (SPAM) you may not receive important communication that could affect your consideration for this position.

Fair & Transparent

The Federal hiring process is set up to be fair and transparent. Please read the following guidance.

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