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Boiler House Operator

INEOS Styrolution
sick time, tuition reimbursement
United States, Ohio, Addyston
356 Three Rivers Parkway (Show on map)
June 08, 2024
Job Opportunity
Boiler House Operator
Addyston, OhioUnited States (US)
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The Position:Boiler House OperatorThe Utilities/WWTP Operator is responsible for the safe, accurate and efficient oversight of both the INEOS Boiler House and the INEOS Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). The Utilities Operator maintains an uninterrupted supply of utilities to the INEOS site and ensures compliance with EPA regulations for the INEOS Waste Water Treatment Plant.

What you will do:

Boiler House:

  • Operate Boilers to generate steam and incinerate Main Duct. Note: Ultimately, those in department must have a valid State of Ohio Stationary Steam Engineer license.
  • Ensure constant supply of good quality boiler feed water.
  • Provide plant with good quality process water and cooling water.
  • Run air compressors to provide plant with steady pressure and dry compressed air.
  • Operate plant well system.
  • Maintain plant cooling tower water chemistry.
  • Operate Thermal Oxidizer for incineration purposes.

Wastewater Treatment:

  • Monitor and Operate entire WWTP plant to maintain compliance with NPDES permit.
  • Perform routine rounds, water testing, and troubleshooting.
  • Monitor water quality by collecting and running test samples.
  • Communicate with buildings and supervision about process.
  • Monitor clean water sewer for spills and isolate as required.
  • Run solids removal equipment and clean it when done.
  • Operate and maintain the bio-filter system per permit.
  • Complete technician PM lists including weekly oiling routes.

What you will bring:

  • Must successfully complete assigned training modules.
  • Must pass qualification testing and "walk-throughs" within a reasonable period of time.
  • High school diploma or equivalent education and a minimum of 6 months in a Production, Maintenance or Utilities environment.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to work well in a team environment with diverse groups.
  • Good oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to thoroughly understand and follow complex work procedures.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Demonstrated computer skills.
  • Strong math skills.
  • Ability to operate chemical processes and equipment using a Distributed Control System (DCS) and troubleshoot using Aspen IP.21 Process Browser data.
  • Satisfactory completion of unit-defined on-the-job-training certification/qualification.
  • Participate in all required safety training.
  • Must complete all required legally mandated training.
  • Must have or be able to obtain (depending on bid language) a State of Ohio Stationary Steam Engineer license.

Physical demands:

  • Walking is required 70-100% of the time on a daily basis.
  • Sitting and standing are required 30-60% of the time on a daily basis.

  • Ascending and descending stairs, ascending and descending caged ladders, turning valve/wrench handles, bending, stooping, twisting, kneeling / crouching / crawling, reaching above shoulder height and reaching at or below shoulder height, repetitive motion, and fine manual dexterity are all required 20-30% of the time on a daily basis.
  • Scheduled twelve hours per day and required to work four days per week and must be able to rotate shifts from nights to days. High possibility of working six days per week (four scheduled days and two mandatory overtime days). Possibility of working seven twelve hour days a week.
  • Inside work 50% of the time and outside work 50% of the time.
  • Frequently exposed to high noise levels over 85 Db, automated machinery and operate plant vehicles.
  • Occasionally working in extreme cold or heat, heights, around dusts / mists / fumes, wet or damp walking or work surfaces.
  • Infrequently work in cramped quarters and do confined space entry (vessels, man ways and steam drums).
  • Wear steel-toed shoes, long sleeve shirts, hearing protection, fall protection and other PPE when warranted.
  • WWTP process can generate hydrogen sulfide gas. Other water treatment chemicals in the area are sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, caustic, and alum. Wastewater can contain chemicals from process areas such as Acrylonitrile, Styrene, Butadiene, MEK, etc. Waste Water Treatment is a biological process and micro-organisms are present in the water systems being operated. RPE may include face respirator, full face respirator or SCBA.
  • Work closely with co-workers and requires the assistance of others to accomplish daily tasks.
  • Occasionally work at a moderate pace and occasionally work at a rapid pace. Respond to power outages quickly.
  • Lifting (pushing & pulling effort while stationary); 1-10 lbs approximately 4 times a day, 11-20 lbs approximately 2 times a day, 21-30 lbs approximately 2 times a day, 31-40 lbs < 1 time a day and 41-50 lbs < 1 time a day.
  • Carrying (pushing & pulling effort while walking); 1-10 lbs approximately 4 times a day, 11-20 lbs approximately 2 times a day, 21-30 lbs approximately 2 times a day, 31-40 lbs < 1 time a day and 41-50 lbs < 1 time a day.
  • Complete and maintain INEOS Forklift Driving Certification and JLG training.
  • Employee must have the ability to see written documents, computer screens and to adjust focus.
  • Ability to receive detailed information through oral communication, and to make discriminations in sound. Must perceive the nature of sounds at normal speaking levels, with or without correction.
  • This position is considered a "safety critical job", which requires continuous study (SOP's, Training Manuals, procedural updates) and for the employee to be always alert, able to concentrate on their task at hand, and not impaired by medications (prescription, non-prescription, illegal or legal substances inclg alcohol), or udinany other mental condition which adversely affects alertness, concentration, or judgment.

    The Location: This opportunity is located in Addyston, Ohio, only 12 miles west of downtown Cincinnati.

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What We Offer You

  • A safe and drug-free work environment
  • Career development, job progression, and tuition reimbursement
  • Flexible work environment,paid vacation, and sick time
  • A comprehensive health benefits package with low premiums to support employee wellbeing
  • Retirement savings with company match plus contributions
  • Above-market compensation includingperformance-related pay and bonuses
  • Fitness reimbursement to encourage employees to stay healthy and active

Our Company

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  • 6 billion EUR in 2021

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