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Casual Caterer, Dining Services

Harrisburg Area Community College
United States, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg
1 HACC Dr (Show on map)
June 09, 2024

Job Summary: Responsible for assisting with a variety of tasks not limited to but to include food preparation, catering set-up/breakdown deliveries, billing of completed events, receiving of deliveries, general sanitation, cash handling, and participation in the HACCP process of the retail operation.

Minimum Qualifications:

H.S. Diploma or equivalent and 4 years experience.*
*Or a combination of experience and education sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job.

Preferred Qualifications:

Customer Service Skills

Licensing Requirements:

- Valid Driver's License
- Ability to obtain certifications related to position, i.e. servsafe
- Please note that this position is required to comply with PA Act 15. You will need to present completed clearances and training certificates at the time of hire. Please visit https://www.hacc.edu/HumanResources/NewHire/index.cfm (and scroll to PA Act 15 Clearances) for more information.

Hiring Range: $14.76/hr

Job Specific Task List:

  • Assists food preparation to include: defrosting items, slicing, cleaning, and portioning product per recipe; assists with assembly and distribution of prepared items to various serving areas and buildings; assists with completion of post event breakdown and billing process for inside and outside vendors. - (Essential)
  • Inputs catering invoices into POS system and tracks sales on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis; prepares all BEO(banquet event order form) to coincide with each event and will have them posted on catering board at minimum of 5 days in advance of event date. - (Essential)
  • Works in Collaboration with Executive Chef and Dining Services Supervisor to order products for catered events. - (Essential)
  • Receives any deliveries and puts the stock away, notifying the Executive Chef about any discrepancies and records temperatures on receiving log; opens the kitchen and unlocks refrigerators and records temperatures on the temperature log; sets up sanitation stations with proper green and red bucket; assists with maintaining general sanitation in the retail operation to include ware washing both manually, mechanically, emptying of kitchen trash receptacles, and daily or weekly sanitation assignments. - (Essential)
  • Reviews production sheets to determine type and quantity of food items to be prepared for the station that they are scheduled; prepares and mixes ingredients according to the approved recipes using a variety of kitchen utensils and equipment such as food processors, blenders, mixers, slicers, steamers, fryers, ovens and grills to prepare food items; alerts Director of Dining Services to any items not in stock so a substitute can be provided. - (Essential)
  • Participates in monitoring of food quality, seasoning, and temperature; records temperatures onto the temperature log for all items in the station that they are scheduled; follow policy set by the Director of Dining Services; maintains food production areas in a clean, sanitary, neat and orderly manner. - (Essential)
  • Reports to Executive Chef any problems or needs concerning equipment, food supply, sanitation, or safety problems; detects and reports spoiled or unattractive food or supplies; cleans assigned areas following established cleaned. - (Essential)
  • May be responsible for cash handling procedures as set by the Executive Chef. - (Essential)
  • Travel to catering locations as assigned. - (Essential)
  • Performs all other duties as assigned. - (Standard)

Job Type: Full Time 12 Month

About Us: www.hacc.edu

Our Purpose: Learning for all; learning for life.

Our Diversity Statement: As an institution of higher education, HACC recognizes its responsibility to maintain an environment that affirms the diversity of people and ideas.

HACC embraces, supports, and actively pursues a policy of inclusiveness that reflects and appreciates the diversity of the community it serves and the world in which we live.

The Board of Trustees and the President lead HACC's commitment to open access to education, diversity, cultural sensitivity, and equal opportunity in employment. This commitment serves to promote a college-wide environment of collegiality, inclusiveness, respect, and cultural competence.

Our Core Values:


  • We set high goals and achieve them.
  • We consistently perform above our own and others' expectations.
  • We provide exceptional service to all.


  • We challenge the status quo.
  • We continually strive to develop new and creative approaches to the education and training needs of our communities.


  • We promote respect, collegiality, diversity and empathy in all we say and do.
  • We nurture awareness and cultural sensitivity to create a climate of trust.
  • We create a learning environment that appreciates diversity.
  • We respect the shared governance decision-making process.


  • We behave in a manner consistent with our core values.
  • We are honest, open and truthful in our statements and actions.
  • We provide the most accurate information available in all communication.

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