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Account Executive

Job Summary

Responsible for serving as the liaison between clients and an ad agency or multi-service agencies. Manage campaign work, delegate assignments to creative team, and ensure the needs of the client are met.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Meet with clients to discuss goals, objectives, and needs.
  • Identify advertising requirements and audiences.
  • Devise advertising campaign.
  • Set deadlines.
  • Kick off campaign.
  • Present campaign ideas to client.
  • Get budgets and ideas approved.
  • Brief media, creative, and research staff.
  • Formulate marketing strategies.
  • Maintain regular contact with both creative staff and clients.
  • Negotiate fees and hourly rates.
  • Get approval for creative work.
  • Handle budgets and manage campaign costs.
  • Invoice clients.
  • Write detailed reports.
  • Create focus groups.
  • Identify new clients.
  • Participate in creating and presenting pitches.
  • Communicate and build marketing campaigns with business owners.
  • Prospect, negotiate and close agreements.
  • Sell multi-media advertising.
  • Create marketing plans.
  • Schedule advertisements for publications.
  • Ensure revenue goals are met.