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Job Summary

Responsible for reviewing evidence and examining other factors to determine if an individual is liable. Works for the government.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Adjudicate claims for benefits offered by government.
  • Work on cases assigned by the government to determine: (1) a person's eligibility for various Social Security or workers' compensation benefits, (2) protection of the environment, (3) the enforcement of health and safety regulations, (4) employment discrimination, and (5) compliance with economic regulatory requirements.
  • Review applicant’s case and examine background.
  • Check all reports and facts thoroughly, including criminal history, immigration and citizen status, and intelligence reports.
  • Prepare analysis for government recommending specific courses of action.
  • Show justification for recommended course of action.
  • Maintain security clearance.
  • Supervise support personnel.
  • Research and analyze laws, regulations, policies, and precedent decisions to prepare for hearings and to determine conclusions
  • Issue subpoenas.
  • Determine existence and amount of liability according to current laws.
  • Authorize payment of valid claims.
  • Compromise on settlements.
  • Monitor activities of trials and hearings.
  • Explain rulings to claimants and how they may appeal.
  • Prepare written decisions.
  • Evaluate claim applications, birth and death certificates, and employer records.