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Job Summary

Responsible for designing and building spaces such as houses, offices, hospitals, skyscrapers, churches, and municipal buildings. Develops blueprints, hires contractors, and supervises creation of buildings and residences.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design blueprints for various structures, including houses, offices, hospitals, skyscrapers, churches, and municipal buildings.
  • Confer with client to develop visions into designs.
  • Estimates budgets and time frame.
  • Provide various predesign services, including conducting feasibility and environmental impact studies, selecting a site, preparing cost analysis and land-use studies, or specifying the requirements the design must meet.
  • Determine space requirements.
  • Research potential building users.
  • Prepare and present drawings for approval.
  • Develop final construction plans.
  • Develop air-conditioning, heating, and ventilating systems, electrical systems, communications systems, plumbing; and, possibly, site and landscape plans.
  • Specify building materials needed.
  • Follow building codes, zoning laws, and fire regulations when creating design.
  • Use computer-aided design (CAD) when creating drawings.
  • Obtain construction bids and select contractors.
  • Negotiate contracts.
  • Visit building sites often.
  • Perform testing during each phase.
  • Advise on energy efficiency measures.
  • Evaluate building designs to determine if it fits the needs of occupants.