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Athletic Trainer

Job Summary

Responsible for examining and treating athletes and their injuries. Provides physical therapy and other forms of treatment to help athletes recover from injuries.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Diagnose and treat athletes' injuries.
  • Work on the sidelines of games to provide immediate care.
  • Work with team doctors to provide physical therapy.
  • Help athletes build up their strength to avoid future injuries.
  • Apply compresses to sore muscles and muscle spasms.
  • Wrap ice packs around joints and appendages.
  • Spray antiseptic on wounds.
  • Clean and dress wounds.
  • Treat sprained ankles and wrists.
  • Call for X-rays or MRIs to determine extent of injury.
  • Recommend special diets.
  • Train athletes to perform certain exercises to expedite the healing of injuries.
  • Properly fit and adjust athletic equipment.
  • Carry out all prescribed treatments and recommendations by the team/program/event physician.
  • Cover assigned pre-season physicals, sports games or matches, and related events under the supervision of the program manager.
  • Answer calls and pages.
  • Verify physician order in accordance with established athletic health care policy.
  • Maintain injury data information in proper order and reported in pre-assigned time frame.