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Biological Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for studying living things and their processes. Assists scientists in the laboratory, gathers material and samples, performs tests, and takes care of animals and equipment.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist scientists in laboratories.
  • Work with other biology technicians, biological aides, laboratory technicians, or laboratory assistants.
  • Perform research.
  • Gather samples and materials.
  • Analyze scientific findings.
  • Report and record data.
  • Perform experiments, set up apparatuses, perform calculations, draw charts and graphs.
  • Compare data to historical experiment data.
  • Keep records and report the results of these tests and experiments to the scientists.
  • Set up, operate, and maintain laboratory instruments and equipment.
  • Analyze organic substances, such as blood, food, and drugs.
  • Set up, clean, and maintain laboratory equipment.
  • Take care of animals used in experiments.
  • Prepare samples of substances, such as blood, food, or bacteria cultures, for laboratory analysis.
  • Perform biological tests.
  • Analyze experimental data.
  • Write reports that summarize findings.
  • Clean and maintain test tubes, microscopes, and scales.
  • Receive direction and evaluation from scientists.