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Budget Analyst

Job Summary

Responsible for consolidating data for the presentation of budgets and providing an overview of the financial status of operations. Maintains accounting records and identifies trends that may help or hurt a company.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop, analyze, and execute budgets.
  • Evaluate the relationships between major program changes and the financial status of organizations.
  • Ensure there are adequate funds for programs within the organization.
  • Employ cost-benefit analysis to review financial requests, assess program tradeoffs, and explore alternative funding methods.
  • Provide financial advice to management officials.
  • Provide leadership for budget preparation, formulation, presentation, and execution.
  • Efficiently allocate limited financial resources.
  • Examine past budgets.
  • Estimate future financial needs.
  • Consolidate individual departmental budgets into operating and capital budget summaries.
  • Evaluate the performance of a program and adjust funding if necessary.
  • Draft budget-related legislation.
  • Conduct training regarding budget procedures.