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Job Summary

Responsible for purchasing supplies, equipment, and materials for a business. Interact with suppliers, resolve quality issues, and compare and evaluate potential purchases.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Purchase goods that an organization will either use or sell and develop a purchasing system.
  • Review plans, specifications, and related documents to determine product requirements.
  • Coordinate with suppliers, engineers, and others to procure needed materials and services.
  • Identify suppliers using online directories, trade publications, industry events, and other means.
  • Source quality goods at competitive prices that will be useful to an organization.
  • Screen potential suppliers; assess their quality assurance practices, prices, capacity, and more.
  • Negotiate prices, delivery times, terms, and other conditions with suppliers.
  • Monitor supplier performance to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Take inventory of current items and perform analyses on competitors and what they’re selling.
  • Conduct market research, forecast future trends, and predict the needs of consumers.