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Chemical Plant System Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating chemical plant machines and entire chemical processes. Monitors instruments, adjusts valves and gauges, and interprets chemical reactions.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Wash and rinse reactors.
  • Regulate flow of steam, air, or oil.
  • Add chemicals or products to converter.
  • Supervise chemical plant systems.
  • Operate equipment to adjust speed of chemical reactions or yields.
  • Operate panelboards, control boards, and semi-automatic equipment.
  • Report spills or dangerous conditions.
  • Draw and analyze samples of products.
  • Interpret chemical reactions on monitors.
  • Review laboratory tests for process adjustments.
  • Patrol tanks and troughs to ensure they aren't overflowing.
  • Monitor plant to ensure efficient production.
  • Regulate and shut down equipment if necessary.
  • Use steam to defrost frozen valves.
  • Operate and test towers, soap-spray storage tanks, scrubbers, collectors, and driers.
  • Test equipment for malfunctions.
  • Repair damaged equipment.
  • Calculate material requirements and collect appropriate materials.
  • Ensure chemicals are stored properly.
  • Purchase equipment and chemicals as needed.
  • Use calibrated rods to gauge tank levels.
  • Calculate material yields.
  • Keep track of instrument readings.
  • Adjust power, steam, water, and air supplies.