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Job Summary

Responsible for handling the bodies of the deceased. Determines causes of death, works with authorities on investigations, and identifies human remains.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Determine manner and causes of death.
  • Examine bodies and pinpoint bruises, injuries, and abrasions.
  • Identify human remains, including skeletons.
  • Assist with matching missing people to human remains.
  • Conduct cause of death investigations.
  • Aid authorities in homicide cases.
  • Visit crime scenes and operate equipment.
  • Visit death scenes and oversee removal of body.
  • Make final determination in cause of death.
  • Fill out paperwork.
  • Complete death certificates.
  • Locate and notify next of kin.
  • Perform autopsies.
  • Take specimens from body, including blood, hair, organ, and tissue samples.
  • Conduct pathological and toxicological analyses.
  • Dispense personal effects of deceased.
  • Oversees disposal of unclaimed bodies.
  • Testify at inquests, hearings, and court trials.
  • Lead medical staff as investigations are completed.
  • Explain cause and manner of death of next of kin.