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Database Designer

Job Summary

Responsible for producing and designing a detailed data model of a database, including all necessary logical and physical design elements.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Determine purpose of database.
  • Gather information that will be recorded in database.
  • Divide information into tables.
  • Turn information into columns.
  • Specify primary keys.
  • Set up table relationships.
  • Refine and enhance design.
  • Apply normalization rules to ensure tables are structured correctly.
  • Make adjustments as necessary.
  • Follow W3C programming standards to address accessibility guidelines.
  • Develop structural design of various systems, applications, and databases for custom database-driven website.
  • Coordinate information systems with program objectives.
  • Code, document, and test programs.
  • Create data migration/conversion techniques for system conversions or upgrades.
  • Assist organizational members and clients with database-driven websites, network, database, and application training and technical support.
  • Assist staff with internal systems, applications, and databases, including developing procedures, forms, and other organizational tools.