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Dental Assistant

Job Summary

Responsible for assisting dentist during dental treatment. Prepares dental station, suctions patients’ mouth, hands over instruments, and cleans area after treatment.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist dentist as he or she provides care to patient.
  • Prepare dental instruments before treatment.
  • Ensure instruments are properly sterilized.
  • Collect and record patient health history.
  • Determine allergies.
  • Transfer instruments during procedure.
  • Ensure patient is comfortable.
  • Perform isolation techniques.
  • Prepare cements, amalgam, composite, and impression materials.
  • Perform dental charting.
  • Manage dental emergencies.
  • Perform inventory control.
  • Order supplies as necessary.
  • Take dental x-rays.
  • Assess the condition of patient's teeth.
  • Polish teeth to remove stains and deposits.
  • Provide advice on proper oral hygiene and appropriate products to use.
  • Apply fluoride treatments.
  • Take impressions and bite registrations.
  • Place and remove periodontal dressings.
  • Remove sutures.
  • Apply topical medications.
  • Remove excess cement from restorations.
  • Pour impressions to make stone and plaster models.
  • Fabricate mouth guards and temporary crowns.
  • Prepare casting models and dies.
  • Perform patient care management.