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Director of External Communications

Job Summary

Responsible for the consumer-facing content that an organization puts out. Ensures brand message is consistent, timely, and relevant.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage external communications output.
  • Work with media outlets to publish timely company information, such as press releases, brochures, and other materials.
  • Ensure communication strategy is consistent and reflects the organization’s strategic vision.
  • Implement social media strategies.
  • Grow online supporter base and traffic.
  • Perform social media community management duties.
  • Build and sustain online communities.
  • Manage relationships with media outlets.
  • Produce and publish mass communications with email blasts and marketing campaigns.
  • Refine core messaging to ensure organizational consistency in all aspects of communication including development, organizing and education.
  • Ensure consistent framing of messages.
  • Publish videos and photography on company website and blogs.
  • Document presence of companies at events, conferences, and speaking engagements.
  • Advocate on behalf of the company brand with external stakeholders and the media across all communications channels and vehicles.
  • Collaborate with marketing to develop the advertising, marketing and promotion plans.
  • Edit and revise content as necessary.