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Extraction Workers

Job Summary

Responsible for boring or excavating at sites using equipment specifically using for excavation. Cleans and prepares site, removes debris, performs drilling or excavation, and clears debris after job is complete.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Supervise assistants.
  • Prepare area to be drilled.
  • Clean up and remove debris.
  • Set up extracting and boring equipment.
  • Ensure machines are working properly and nothing is malfunctioning.
  • Transport parts and materials.
  • Load and unload trucks.
  • Monitor equipment and cranes during operation.
  • Place materials into well holes.
  • Assist workers in placing drilling or boring equipment near specified site using blueprints.
  • Remove debris after excavation.
  • Dig trenches.
  • Signal workers when job has been completed.
  • Follow safety standards.
  • Supply outfits and equipment to workers.
  • Keep materials clean and organized.
  • Work with project manager to determine schedules.