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Financial Examiner

Job Summary

Responsible for analyzing financial records of an organization, business or corporation to confirm compliance with federal, state or local laws. Verify and inspect cash reserves, assigned collateral, and bank-owned securities in order to check internal control procedures.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Scrutinize financial reports and records to ensure compliance.
  • Confirm the authenticity and accuracy of financial records, and ensure that the organization they are investigating is financially solvent.
  • Conduct interviews with financial managers responsible for overseeing financial transactions.
  • Request transactions reports to ensure they are being processed correctly.
  • Review accounts on an individual basis to ensure compliance.
  • Evaluate internal and external audit reports, balance sheets, expense accounts, operating income accounts, tax documents, and special reports reflecting assets and liabilities.
  • Establish guidelines for procedures and policies that comply with new and revised regulations, and direct their implementation.
  • Go over the minutes of meetings of directors, stockholders and committees in order to investigate the specific authority extended at various levels of management.
  • Review and analyze new, proposed, or revised laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Participate in meetings with bank directors and trustees.
  • Analyze applications dealing with mergers, acquisitions, establishment of new institutions, acceptance in Federal Reserve System, or registration of securities sales in order to determine their public interest value and conformance to regulations, and recommend acceptance or rejection.
  • Check filings for accuracy and make changes when necessary, and provide recommendations for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Analyze audit reports and recommend improvements to internal processes.