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Forest Fire Fighter

Job Summary

Responsible for inspecting forests for potential fire hazards, recommending ways to prevent forest fires, educating public about fire prevention tactics, and implementing measures to control fires.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Inspect various forests and determine if fire hazards are present.
  • Help develop emergency procedures to put out massive fires.
  • Report on weather conditions and analyze fire hazards accordingly.
  • Recommend prevention measures.
  • Place signs around area warning of possible hazards.
  • Examine firefighting equipment and determine if its adequate.
  • Purchase and install axes, fire hoses, shovels, pumps, buckets, and fire extinguishers.
  • Direct crews who are working on firelines.
  • Restrict public access during forest fires.
  • Compile and report meteorological data, such as temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and velocity, and types of cloud formations
  • Determine proper evacuation routes.
  • Repair firefighting equipment.
  • Aid in extinguishing small fires.
  • Educate others on topics such as sanitation, fire prevention, violation corrections, and related forest regulations.
  • Visit camp sites to determine if visitors are following fire hazard prevention protocol.
  • Inspect forests for hazards such as combustibles and wastes.
  • Patrol areas searching for suspicious activity.
  • Estimate sizes and fire characteristics.
  • Respond immediately in cases of emergency.
  • Organize large-scale teams to counteract fires.
  • Find and rescue people trapped within fire borders.
  • Report fires to headquarters via radio or telephone.
  • Cut down trees and dig out grass and all other combustible vegetation in the path of the fire to deprive it of fuel.