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Gaming Runner

Job Summary

Responsible for informing patrons in a gaming establishment about wagering on races and events. Helps gaming dealers run games such as keno and bingo. Receives and records wagers and processes payouts for winning tickets.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Scan and process winning tickets.
  • Operate random number generating equipment.
  • Announce winning numbers to patrons.
  • Post information about events patrons can wager on.
  • Process winnings and pay out monies or chips accordingly.
  • Refer patrons to gaming cashier for additional assistance.
  • Exchange money for chips or coins.
  • Collect bets and record amounts.
  • Inspect cards and equipment to ensure compliance.
  • Deliver tickets, cards, and money to bingo callers.
  • Ensure house percentage is subtracted from the pot.
  • Push dice to shooters.
  • Assist patrons by seating them, resolving complaints, explaining house rules, or explaining the rules and variation of games.
  • Replenish gaming dealers with chips, coins, or cards as necessary.
  • Open or close cash floats or game tables.
  • Participate in games for gambling establishments to provide the minimum complement of players at a table.
  • Attend to disputes and alert security if necessary.
  • Inspect and report faulty gaming equipment.
  • Operate games in which players bet that a ball will come to rest in a particular slot on a rotating wheel.
  • Sell tobacco and alcohol products to customers.
  • Entice patrons to sit at gaming tables.