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Grader, Bulldozer, or Scraper Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating heavy duty machines equipped with scrapers or blades to spread earth, grade terrain, or move dirt and rock.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drive equipment with blades that level or pick up earth for dumping.
  • Use bulldozers, backhoes, and tractors for moving large amounts of dirt.
  • Move throttle and depress pedal to begin smoothing or lifting earth.
  • Align machine, cutterhead, or depth gauge marker with reference stakes and guidelines on ground or positions equipment.
  • Follow directions of assistant on ground.
  • Make successive passes over earth until job is done.
  • Use tamping machine to smooth down plot.
  • Attach different types of blades or attachments depending on job.
  • Grease, oil and calibrate machinery.
  • Connect hydraulic hoses, belts, mechanical linkage, or power takeoff shaft to tractor.
  • Use asphalt paving machines and concrete paving machines to smooth roads.
  • Control machine using pedals and levers.
  • Practice safety during operation.
  • Weld and cut materials.
  • Use different kinds of oil and greases.
  • Read plans for job completion.
  • Work with project manager to ensure job is done to specifications.
  • Repair machines as necessary.