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HR Manager

Job Summary

Responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing an organization’s administrative functions. Recruit and hire new employees, strategize with senior leaders, and establish new workplace policies.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee the hiring and onboarding processes for new employees.
  • Create job descriptions, post job openings, conduct interviews, and extend job offers.
  • Ensure that new hires finish necessary paperwork, learn about company policies, and receive the necessary training and support to be successful in their roles.
  • Handle employee complaints, investigate workplace issues, and mediate employee conflicts.
  • Maintain and update records showing employee performance, absences, and compensation. 
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures that promote a positive work environment.
  • Set performance goals, conduct performance reviews, and provide progress updates. 
  • Enroll employees in health insurance and other benefits programs and manage claims.
  • Take corrective action when necessary, such as issuing warnings and terminating employment.
  • Investigate complaints of discrimination and harassment and address other employee concerns.
  • Manage the budget for human resources and plan company and community events.
  • Identify training needs, design programs, and coordinate with providers to offer the training. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and make recommendations for improvements.