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Immigration & Customs Inspector

Job Summary

Responsible for inspecting people and goods as they come through customs in an airport, sea port, or train station. Ensure goods arriving from or departing from the United States do not violate customs laws and regulations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Inspect people and goods as they are traveling to and from the United States.
  • Examine passports, immigration applications, and visas to detect fraud and verify identity.
  • Ask persons if they have anything to declare.
  • Locate and seize undeclared merchandise, contraband, and anything else that does not clear customs' regulations.
  • Explain laws to travelers.
  • Charge people taxes and duty on goods.
  • Examine merchandise.
  • Search luggage.
  • Walk canines trained to sniff out drugs and other illegal merchandise.
  • Inspect personal articles and cargo.
  • Report violations and discrepancies to customs regulations.
  • Detain and arrange deportation of aliens suspected of illegal activity.
  • Decide if individuals can enter or leave country.
  • Petition for remission or mitigation of penalties when warranted.
  • Initiate civil and criminal prosecutions.
  • Point out expired documents.
  • Instruct individuals on how to obtain correct documents.
  • Record findings, transactions, violations, discrepancies, and decisions.
  • Seize vehicles, aircraft, or boats that do not meet custom's regulations.
  • Testify in court proceedings.