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Industrial Safety & Health Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for inspecting work sites to determine safety hazards. Helps companies and workers minimize on-the-job risks and comply with safety laws.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Identify and measure potential safety hazards in the workplace.
  • Analyze risk of fires in buildings.
  • Determine dangers of handling certain toxic chemicals.
  • Recommend appropriate loss prevention methods.
  • Assess probability of harm.
  • Develop procedures and designs to reduce the risk of illness, injury, or damage.
  • Ensure new products do not cause harm.
  • Anticipate, evaluate, and react to hazardous conditions.
  • Develop hazard control methods.
  • Coordinate safety programs.
  • Coordinate with outside organizations, such as OSHA or fire departments.
  • Design and install safety devices.
  • Investigate industrial accidents.
  • Conduct air quality and water quality tests.
  • Check radiation levels.
  • Determine if noise levels are appropriate.
  • Advise workers on the proper use of safety equipment and clothing.