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Insurance Appraiser

Job Summary

Responsible for estimating the cost or value of an insured item. Inspects damaged vehicles or property and ascertains cost of repairs or replacement. Refers claims to investigators if fraud or illegal activity is suspected.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Appraise items or automobiles to estimate cost or value insured item or items.
  • Inspect damaged vehicles after an accident and estimate the cost of repairs.
  • Download forms and files from insurance company databases.
  • Visit scene of accident or auto body repair shops to examine vehicle.
  • Generate estimate on standard form.
  • Take pictures of damages.
  • Estimate parts and labor to repair damage, using standard automotive labor and parts-cost manuals and knowledge of automotive repair.
  • Send photographs to the company to expedite process.
  • Use specialized software.
  • Refer claim to investigator if fraud is suspected.
  • Involve other appraisers if disagreements arise with body shop.
  • Determine value of total-loss vehicle and suitable replacements.