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Laboratory Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for working in a laboratory assisting scientists and collecting samples to analyze body fluids, chemicals, soil or water samples, and other substances.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform tests in laboratory.
  • Perform the tests to analyze body fluids, tissue, and other substances.
  • Examine blood samples to identify the number of cells, the cell morphology or the blood group, blood type, and compatibility with other blood types.
  • Green-light blood for transfusion.
  • Clean, operate, and sanitize laboratory equipment.
  • Enter data from medical tests into computer, where it will go on patient's chart.
  • Print out tests and include in chart.
  • Discuss results with physicians or nurses.
  • Prepare specimens for tests.
  • Operate automated analyzers.
  • Perform manual tests.
  • Collect blood, classify it by type, and prepare blood and its components for transfusions.
  • Analyze the chemical and hormonal contents of body fluids.
  • Prepare slides of body cells and examine these cells with a microscope for abnormalities that may signal the beginning of a cancerous growth.
  • Cut and stain tissue specimens for pathologists, doctors who study cause and development of diseases at a microscopic level.
  • Collect blood samples.
  • Perform complex protein and nucleic acid tests on cell samples.
  • Examine and identify bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • Perform tasks such as sampling, testing, measuring, recording and analyzing results in biological, chemical, physical and life sciences.
  • Operate centrifuges, titrators, pipetting machines and pH meters.
  • Keep laboratory inventory well-stocked.
  • Record and interpret results.