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Locomotive Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for operating trains that carry passengers or freight. Operates automated systems that propel trains, add or remove cars, or switch cars around to unload freight.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operate locomotives used by train lines.
  • Check trains for mechanical problems.
  • Make minor or major repairs.
  • Order parts for train.
  • Return locomotives to service station for repairs.
  • Operate automated systems that move passenger and freight cars into place in rail yards.
  • Add or remove cars from the locomotive.
  • Load and unload freight.
  • Watch and operate instruments that measure air pressure, speed and battery power, and work the train's controls.
  • Operate air brakes and throttles.
  • Be aware of number of cars and contents.
  • Check weather conditions to halt or stop trains in case of severe weather.
  • Ensure train adheres to timetable.
  • Follow railroad regulations.
  • Document repairs in maintenance log.
  • Build new carriages and engines.
  • Fit carts with upholstery.
  • Make new parts as needed.
  • Take apart and test instruments.
  • Inspect carts and parts for wear and tear.