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Mail Machine Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for inserting material for printing or addressing into loading racks on machines, selecting type size, and positioning plates and tapes in machine magazines.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Place material that needs to be addressed into loading rack on mail machine.
  • Select type size and dye size.
  • Position plates, stencils, or tapes in machine magazines.
  • Initiate machines to automatically feed plates, stencils, or tapes through mechanisms.
  • Detect and fix malfunctions in machine.
  • Refill ink, fill paste reservoirs, and change machine ribbons.
  • Adjust guides, rollers, loose card inserters, weighing machines, and tying arms.
  • Time stamp, open, read, sort, and route incoming mail with aid of machine.
  • Place postage or stamps on outgoing mail.
  • Fold letters, circulars, or other documents and insert into envelopes for distribution.
  • Weigh mail to determine correct postage.
  • Place mail in metal bins and carry to departments for distribution.
  • Record registered mail.
  • Perform large printing jobs.
  • Weigh packages and calculate postage.
  • Clear jams in sorting equipment.
  • Lift heavy packages and wrap packages or bundles.
  • Keep accurate records.
  • Load and unload machines.
  • Keep machine well-calibrated and running smoothly.