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Medical Equipment Preparer

Job Summary

Responsible for preparing, installing, handling, and sterilizing healthcare equipment. Inspects equipment routinely for flaws and replaces if necessary.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Examine medical equipment for malfunctions, leaks, loose parts, or general disrepair.
  • Clean and sterilize instruments.
  • Replace outdated supplies.
  • Stock carts.
  • Assemble equipment such as surgical instrument trays.
  • Fill special requests.
  • Report defective equipment and order repairs.
  • Flush water through equipment to purge waste.
  • Deliver medical equipment to healthcare facilities.
  • Use sterilizers, aerators, and washers to clean and sterilize medical equipment.
  • Work with equipment such as respirators, hospital beds, wheelchairs and oxygen and dialysis machines.
  • Deliver equipment to residences and help with installation.
  • Maintain inventory and equipment usage records.
  • Operate and maintain steam autoclaves.
  • Start equipment and observe gauges and equipment operation.