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Mining & Geological Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for extracting and preparing coal and minerals for use in manufacturing industries and utilities, and also for the safe, economical, and environmentally sound operation of mines.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design open-pit and underground mines.
  • Supervise construction of mine shafts.
  • Oversee construction of underground tunnels.
  • Work alongside geologists and other engineers.
  • Locate and appraise ore deposits.
  • Develop new mining equipment.
  • Design direct mineral-processing operations that separate dirt and rock from other materials.
  • Solve problems and obstacles related to land reclamation and water and air pollution.
  • Ensure workers are practicing safe extraction methods.
  • Inspect surfaces of walls and roofs for cracks.
  • Monitor air quality.
  • Examine mining equipment for compliance with safety practices.
  • Determine if ore deposits can be mined for profit.
  • Study maps and waterways.
  • Plan and direct mining operations.
  • Decide where to dig pits for surface mining.
  • Train crews of workers and supervisors.
  • Repair malfunctioning mining equipment.
  • Design equipment used to excavate mines.
  • Design equipment that cuts and carves out rock and coal.
  • Select explosives to blast ore deposits.
  • Create transportation methods to allow for the transportation of minerals and metals to processing plans.