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Motion Picture Set Worker

Job Summary

"Set up and install propers, equipment, lighting, and cameras during film shoots. Moves dollies and cranes and performs other various duties under director's supervision.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Set up, install, and arrange film production equipment, including dollies, cranes, and booms.
  • Follow work order specifications.
  • Install and maneuver props.
  • Rig and dismantle set equipment, including scaffolding, platforms, and backdrops.
  • Raise and lower stage curtain.
  • Raise and lower scenery or props during theater performance.
  • Cover props with canvas covers to protect them from weather.
  • Load and unload set equipment.
  • Ensure electrical equipment is connected to power source.
  • Test equipment.
  • Perform repairs and ensure equipment is cleaned and functioning properly.
  • Sew and repair items using sewing machine.
  • Guide cranes and booms using control levers and wheels.
  • Ensure camera moves are as seamless as possible.
  • Set up sound boards, electrical systems, wardrobe and props.
  • Ensure lighting is adequate for each scene.