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Multimedia Artist and Animator

Job Summary

Responsible for designing and developing computer, online, or multimedia graphics, animation, audio, and video production. Designs content materials for special projects.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design computer-based, Web-based, or multimedia-based layout, graphics, animation, video, sound and/or content for use in presentations, video productions, multimedia programs, Web sites, CDs, DVDs, emails, and other electronic media.
  • Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images.
  • Work with client to compile specifications.
  • Concept and draw out sketches.
  • Assemble, typeset, scan and produce digital art.
  • Secure illustrative materials.
  • Develop layout design.
  • Submit to manager for review.
  • Proofread and edit copy.
  • Prepare training manuals, flyers, logos, letterheads, trademarks, newsletters, and packaging.
  • Collaborate with SCOE and commercial printers regarding format and print specification.
  • Provide technical consultation.
  • Contact vendors about products.
  • Create and install special effects.
  • Maintain configuration control systems.
  • Produce multimedia campaigns.
  • Handle budget and scheduling for campaigns.