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Municipal Fire Fighter

Job Summary

Responsible for responding to and putting out fires with fire suppression methods, educating the public on fire prevention, investigating fires, and responding to emergency situations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Combat fires and help save and protect lives.
  • Extinguish fires using various fire suppression methods, including smothering fires and using water to douse fires.
  • Provide emergency care for sick and injured persons.
  • Respond to emergency fires.
  • Educate public on how to prevent fires.
  • Perform routine maintenance of fire safety equipment, including sprinkler systems and extinguishers.
  • Enter buildings via the roof or window.
  • Control spread of infectious disease.
  • Perform fire combat, containment, extinguishment and water supply tasks.
  • Remove victims from hazardous locations.
  • Lay hose, throw salvage covers, sweep water, and remove debris.
  • Respond to fire alarms.
  • Maintain incident records.
  • Climb ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings.
  • Create openings in buildings for ventilation.
  • Use positive pressure ventilation, salvage covers, and smoke ejectors to protect property from smoke and water damage.
  • Selects, drags, lifts and carries hose and nozzle depending on the type of fire, and correctly applies a stream of water or chemicals onto the fire.
  • Inspect buildings and hydrants.
  • Maintain fire equipment, apparatus, and facilities.
  • Present programs about fire safety tips to the community.