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Nuclear Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for working in nuclear research and production and assisting engineers, physicists and other professionals.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Monitor levels of radiation.
  • Assist physicists, engineers, and other professionals in nuclear research and nuclear production.
  • Work with engineers and technicians to apply nuclear code activities to existing and new products.
  • Assist with quoting, nuclear documentation and drawings.
  • Draft plans for building and testing of products and concepts, design changes or project milestone completions to be reviewed by nuclear team members.
  • Perform quotes and support orders with drawings, technical data, and testing.
  • Create moderately complex models, drawings and assemblies as required.
  • Use radioactive materials in specialized studies of body organs and/or laboratory analysis to assist the physician in the diagnosis of disease and injury.
  • Measure the levels and types of radiation produced by nuclear experiments, power generation, and other activities.
  • Advise others on radiation safety procedures and apparel.
  • Raise warning levels when conditions become hazardous.
  • Ensure that reactors and other equipment are operated safely and efficiently.
  • Evaluate factors such as factors temperature, pressure, and radiation intensity to determine whether equipment is functioning properly.
  • Make adjustments to improve the performance of reactors and other equipment.
  • Monitor the disposal, recycling, and storage of nuclear waste.
  • Help nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers, and other scientists conduct research and develop new types of nuclear reactors, fuels, medicines, and other technologies.