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Operating Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for working with power construction equipment to move materials, earth, and heavy objects at construction sites. Clears and grades land to prepare it for asphalt, concrete, buildings, bridges, roads, runways, dams, levees, and power generation facilities.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Use machines to dig up or smooth out earth.
  • Pick up heavy objects with machines.
  • Dig trenches.
  • Lay and repair sewer lines.
  • Spread asphalt and concrete.
  • Operate excavation and loading machines equipped with scoops, shovels, or buckets that dig sand, gravel, and earth.
  • Load materials onto trucks or onto conveyors.
  • Drive and control industrial trucks and utilize forklifts, booms, or hitches.
  • Operate and maintain air compressors, pumps, and other power equipment.
  • Smooth concrete for roadways.
  • Spray on curing compounds.
  • Perform maintenance and minor repairs on machinery.
  • Operate according to safety standards.
  • Take cues from an assistant on the ground.
  • Cut expansion joints.
  • Turn valves to regulate the temperature and flow of asphalt onto the roadbed.
  • Dig trenches.
  • Repair sewers and lay pipe.