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Optical Instrument Assembler

Job Summary

Responsible for assembling or installing optical instruments, including gunsights, telescopes, and level transits. Cleans parts, adjusts, and coats elements according to specifications.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assemble structural and mechanical parts of instrument.
  • Read and interpret drawings and blueprints.
  • Clean parts using tissue or cleaning solution.
  • Use compressed air device to aid in cleaning.
  • Cement multiple lens assemblies.
  • Position element in mounting seat of instrument housing.
  • Insert and secure locking ring in housing.
  • Apply cement to rings.
  • Cut, grind, and polish eyeglasses, contact lenses, or other precision optical elements.
  • Determine distance of test target using trigonometric formulas.
  • Utilize oscilloscopes and collimators to connect instruments to test devices.
  • Sight instrument on target.
  • Read dial to determine optical center of instrument lens.
  • Verify specified focusing power.
  • Coat optical elements according to specifications.
  • Fill instrument housing with nitrogen gas to lessen corrosion.
  • Operate lathe to modify parts.
  • Record inspection and test data.
  • Mount lenses onto frames.
  • Process precision lens polishers, grinders, centerer-edgers, and lens mounters.