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Petroleum Pump System Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating and maintaining petroleum refining and processing units.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Control pumping systems to circulate liquids through a refinery.
  • Move product through lines to processing and shipping units.
  • Operate pumps.
  • Open and close valves.
  • Operate steam or electric-driven pumps to circulate crude, semi processed, and finished petroleum products, water, and chemical solution through processing, storage, and shipping departments.
  • Check temperatures and gauges.
  • Record how much is pumped and what stocks were used.
  • Read operating schedules.
  • Take directions from dispatcher.
  • Synchronize activities with other pumphouses to ensure continuous flow of products .
  • Ensure minimal contamination between products.
  • Turn handwheels to open line valves.
  • Monitor process indicators, instruments, gauges, and meters.
  • Regulate flow of oil into pipelines.
  • Coordinate and regulate process variables.
  • Operate auxiliary equipment.
  • Control multiple processing units.
  • Verify products are moving through correct meters.
  • Ensure meters are functioning properly.
  • Record logs and test results.
  • Read automatic gauges at specified intervals.
  • Control manifold and pumping systems.