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Poem Writer

Job Summary

Responsible for stringing together words and phrases to create verses. Expresses emotions and tells a story through narrative, dramatic, or lyrical poetry.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Form words into verse to dramatically express emotion.
  • Simplify lengthier stories or condense them into poetry.
  • Choose subject matter and perform extensive research.
  • Draw from personal experiences to create poetry.
  • Take creative writing classes to enhance knowledge.
  • Write copy for publishing companies and advertising agencies.
  • Write verses or sentiments for greeting cards.
  • Perform poetry at open-mic nights or other events.
  • Brainstorm for ideas.
  • Compose eulogies for funerals.
  • Write different types of poetry verse, including odes, haikus, limericks, free verse, blank verse, tankas, narratives, doggerel, enjambment, epitaphs, allegory and cacophony.
  • Select different types of rhythm, including iambic pentameter or free verse.
  • Read up on former and contemporary celebrated poets for reference.
  • Submit poetry to publishing companies.
  • Promote poetry books at event and through PR.
  • Utilize a variety of techniques in poetry including metaphors, similes and onomatopoeia.
  • Experiment with different techniques including repetition, meter and rhyme.
  • Utilize different structures including line, couplet, strophe and stanza.